How to Optimize Your AdWords Enhanced Campaigns In 5 Minutes

By , Product Development Manager at Hanapin Marketing


Simple data based bid adjustments without the hassle.

3-Bid-AdjustersWhen it comes time to make changes to your Enhanced Campaigns leveraging the power of new tools on the market to extend the power of your current tools allows you to do more in less time, move faster and make smarter decisions.


To help AdWords advertisers save time, bolster high performing ads and cut ineffective spend we created a trio of bid modifier recommendation tools so you can place the right ad in front of the right person at the right time, without the hassle.


Get more clicks and make your budget go further.

Hero Pro’s three bid adjustment tools lets you shorten your to-do-list and simplify your day by providing suggested bid changes in a customized spreadsheet
ready to upload direct to AdWords Editor, all in a few minutes.

  • Automatically matches current bid adjustment to past performance stats.
  • Quickly calculates new, improved adjustments.
  • Discover the sweet spot bids for your Enhanced Campaigns.





People are constantly connected and moving between devices to communicate, shop, and stay entertained. To reach them you have to engage them wherever they are.

  • Compare mobile CPA vs. desktop/tablet CPA.
  • Better targeting and more value for your money.
  • See a big lift in your ROI.



Geographic bid modifiers provide a great way to adjust keyword bid strategy based on location. With over 88,000 potential geo-targets in AdWords, you may want a little assistance.

  • Fine tune bids for your ideal location.
  • Revive ROI in poor performing geographical areas.
  • Easily adjust bids separately for each targeted location.



Adjusting your bids based on the hour of day has long been a strong move for AdWords advertisers. This feature happens to be very useful especially for certain industries with an influx in clicks at a specific time of day.

  • Improve your CPA for a given time of day.
  • Secure conversions at peak times.
  • See real differences in your bottom line.


Hero Pro offers many other tools and a growing library of 18 AdWords Scripts.


Build New Ads, Launch Multivariate Ad Experiments, Get Results.

Any PPC manager knows, ad copy testing can be a brutal, time-consuming investment, but Ad Automator let’s you Set up, execute and track a 26-round multivariate ad test at the ad group level in only a few minutes.


Save thousands in wasted ad spend. Protect yourself and your client.

Ad Guardian does the one thing you can’t, but should: It constantly monitors your website, detects when the site goes down, and then pauses your corresponding ad campaigns when the page goes down. When your site goes back up, Ad Guardian reactivates campaigns that were active before the site went down saving you thousands in wasted ad spend.


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