• Larry Kim

    nice job guys. love that you’re making this stuff available for the community.

  • Chris Barcroft

    A good idea which has potential, but really needs developing further.

    One of the best articles I’ve read on PPC Hero was the one about using Profit Per Impression as the definitive AB Test metric. So, whilst there is potential here, it seems very, very limited to offer only CTR, CR and IUC as metrics – and only one at a time, too?

    Then I’ve one more criticism of the tool. I generally only test lines 1 and 2, so have these as generic copy. Then, the headline and Display URL will be relevant to the Ad Group. It doesn’t look possible to test different sets of generic test, whilst keep the Ad Group level headline text the same as existing ads – or have I got that wrong?

    If not it wouldn’t be useful for me at all.

    • John Lee

      Chris – I agree, the inability to maintain ad group specificity is a serious concern. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future v2.0!?!? ; )

  • Julien_A

    You need to fix european (FR) accents on display URL too ;)

    Too bad for the experiments only on the campaign level, but let’s give it a try.

    • Jeremy Page

      Hi Julien! I’ll contact you in a minute, maybe we can sort out the URL accent issue. We’re really excited so many people have offered their opinions and suggestions. Getting real honest feedback is how good tools are turned into great tools!

      We decided against making experiments editable to preserve statistical integrity. Editing an experiment after the experiment is underway would be like adding a raw egg to a cake that is half baked. The results of the cake/experiment would be compromised …and a little icky.

      • Julien_A

        Hi Jeremy !

        Thanks for your quick answer.

        What I was meaning for editing a test is for, this time, description line.

        Larry knows it well, since I use his software weekly (PPCAdvisor), it’s always better to put “.” at the end of your description for display “issues” and I forgot about it.

        I’ll contact you after tomorrow to see if we can fix it.

        By the way I understand your statistical reasons for tests, was a tough but reasonable decision.

  • Jeremy Page

    I’m happy to announce we’ve added Ad Group level testing to Ad Automator! http://www.ppchero.com/ad-automator-youve-asked-for-changes-so-we-made-them/