Ad Automator: You’ve Asked For Changes, So We Made Them!

By , Product Development Manager at Hanapin Marketing


We’re happy to announce the addition of Ad Group-level testing to Ad Automator. You can now perform multivariate testing on your ads at the account, campaign, and ad group level of your account, plus we have more tool enhancements on the way!

Last week we launched Ad Automator, a new tool on Hero Pro. We received amazing feedback about both Ad Automator and Hero Pro. Overwhelmingly, users asked for the ability to test Ad Groups in Ad Automator, so we buckled down and made it happen immediately. This change is a direct result of your fast and honest feedback!

Just hearing about Ad Automator for the first time?
Few have the time to constantly test and optimize newly uploaded ads, because you’re already juggling other aspects of your AdWords accounts. With Hero Pro’s new Ad Automator tool, you can increases leads and sales from Google AdWords by creating, testing, pausing, and iterating text ads automatically! All after a quick and simple set-up process.


It works like this…

1) Select account-, campaign-, or ad group-level testing.

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 8.47.25 AM


2) Create and launch experiments in minutes: Just enter your headlines, description lines and URLs.



3) Select your Campaigns and set to judge ads based on CTR, Conversion Rate or Impressions Until Conversion.

Ad Automator - Experiment


4) Run tests on auto-pilot, or you can take control, then simply track and analyze your results!

Ad Automator Interface2


What Can Ad Automator Do?

  • Judge Ads Based On CTR, Conversion Rate or Impression Until Conversion.
  • Runs on Auto-pilot or you can take control.
  • Perform Multivariate Ad Copy testing at the campaign or ad group level.
  • Automatically imports the text ads to your account (if preferred).
  • Creates Excel spreadsheet of newly created ads (if preferred).
  • Notifies you when your experiment has reached significance.
  • Automatically builds up to 26 ads from Headlines, Description Lines and URL’s that you specify.
  • Recognizes DKI syntax.
  • Checks for policy violations before ads are uploaded.
  • Tracks and analyzes your results.
  • Create and launch experiments in minutes!

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Ad Automator is just the newest tool in the Hero Pro arsenal.

  • Ad Guardian – Saves you money by automatically pausing your Google Adwords campaigns when your site is down. This prevents wasted spend and avoids the loss of customer trust.
  • Quality Score Monitor – Start recording your Quality Scores now! Spot trends and see the impact of optimization efforts on your Quality Score over time.
  • Split Test Champion – Compare the performance of ads currently running in your account with our customized reports.
  • Scripts – Manage your time and your accounts more efficiently with our suite of scripts!

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  • Margot da Cunha

    Thanks for making these improvements! Having the ability to test on the AdGroup level really ups this tool – I’m a big fan.