Automatic Insights: New AdWords Scripts for Changes in CTR and Campaigns Over CPA

By , Product Development Manager at Hanapin Marketing


AdWords Scripts are amazing in many ways. They can help you understand the areas of your account you just don’t have time to investigate and they keep an eagle eye on important metrics like CPA goal. By using AdWords scripts you can save time, make more informed changes, get more work done in your day and let you focus on strategy rather than pulling levers.

We’re leveraging the two new scripts from Hero Pro to help bring insights into your click through rate at the ad group level, and keep a watchful eye on your CPA goal.

Here’s how they work:

Changes in CTR

  • How It Works: The Changes in CTR script audits your account for any ad groups that have increased or decreased consistently for the past 3 weeks.
  • Why We Love It: It helps you identify any ad groups that show a consistent decrease/increase in click through rate. That’s something you might miss on a normal basis, especially at the ad group level.

Campaigns Over CPA

  • How It Works: The Campaigns Over CPA script sends emails alerts for any campaigns in your account that have reached their CPA goal.
  • Why We Love It: No one has time to check if CPA budgets are busted for all their accounts. With this script you can schedule it to run on a reoccurring basis and be notified about any campaigns that are over CPA or have Zero conversion and are over CPA goal.

Don’t have time to setup and troubleshoot AdWords scripts? Don’t worry, that’s why we created tutorials for all our scripts and created templates for the scripts that need them.

Sound intriguing? We thought it did too — that’s why we wrote them! The scripts are only available with a Hero Pro account, which you can try free for seven days.

Sign up and let us know what you think!


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