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Google AdWords is the king of all search engines. As you can see we spend a great deal of time working with Google in the pursuit of perfecting our AdWords campaigns. At PPC Hero you will learn all there is to know about Google AdWords – whether you’re a beginner or PPC pro.


How Your Average CPC is Lying to You

“Averages lie.” I had a few statistics courses back in college with a professor who was fond of saying that. Seems like he might’ve gotten that turn of phrase from someone else, now that I think about it. This is …

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No CRO? No Problem: WordStream’s Landing Page Grader

There’s a universal truth in PPC– if you have a terrible landing page, you’re gonna have a bad time. Your ads could be stellar, your keywords laser-focused, and your bids perfectly calibrated against your competition… and none of it will …


How to Catch an Affiliate Red-Handed in PPC

It’s important to understand that in PPC, you’re often part of a bigger picture than you realize. Whether in-house or agency, there are many moving parts– external non-Google display buys, social networking, old media advertising, SEO, webinars… the list is …

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Understanding Your Keyword Performance Better with Google’s Search Funnel Reports

I’ve always taken a bottom line approach to evaluating keyword performance. I want to know how much was spent on clicks, how many conversions those clicks generated, and if my keywords are profitable and performing to client or in-house goals. …

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Better Attribution Modeling – AdWords or Analytics?

A few days back I read this post about AdWords’ Attribution Modeling being released within the UI. It is a great feature to have in AdWords, but as mentioned in the post, this information does not show us the whole story. …

Bid simulator columns in AdWords

See the Future of Your Bids With AdWords’ New Bid Simulator Columns

Earlier last week AdWords announced on Google+ that they had launched a shiny set of new columns for our keyword report tabs. These columns are designed to give us quick access to the bid simulator data that was previously only …


Overspend and You: Why Your AdWords Spend Goes Over Budget

We’ve all seen our AdWords budgets seemingly ignored by the AdWords system. If you are on a strict budget and trying to stretch it evenly across the month, this can drastically hamper you pacing plans. Why does this happen though?