Google AdWords

Google AdWords is what makes Google billions of dollars every year. Launched in 2002, it was not the first pay-per-click (PPC) network – that was Overture – but it was the best, because it introduced a much more sophisticated bidding management strategy that any business, large or small, could take advantage of.

Google AdWords was revolutionary, and remains so today because the platform introduced the concept of click-through rate and quality score as deciding factors in the auction. This enabled businesses to compete for relevancy in their search ad campaigns rather than simply top ad positions and meant that companies with the biggest ad budgets were not guaranteed to perform better.

Google AdWords has evolved beyond simply desktop search to offer a huge content network, called the Google Display Network, and also powers YouTube Ads and the largest mobile PPC ad network in the world. Google AdWords offers powerful targeting options to advertisers with image ads, ad extensions, enhanced campaigns and dynamic remarketing, to name just a few. Google also offer a number of automation solutions and keyword bidding tools such as AdWords Editor and AdWords scripts to reduce the time spent managing campaigns.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced PPC campaign manager, PPC Hero is here to help you generate better results from your campaign budget.

AdWords Livestream To Announce Latest Mobile Innovations

By , Production Specialist

Tune in Tuesday, May 5th, as Vice President of Product Management at AdWords, Jerry Dischler hosts a 45-minute livestream focused on delivering new innovations that will enable you to better reach and influence your customers on mobile devices.   According to Google’s research, 91% of smartphone users now turn to their phones for ideas while right in the middle of…
Image of mobile devices

3 Easy AdWords Reports You Might Not Be Using

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Google AdWords is a veritable sea of data, and to the fledgling PPC professional, sometimes it can seem like you’re treading water. The surface level metrics— clicks, impressions, CPC, CPA— are the lifesavers.   All that other stuff can be daunting.   But once you begin to know your way around the AdWords interface, there are a lot of very…
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Important URL Updates Coming To Bing Ads

By , Production Specialist

Bing Ads is working to ensure that campaign management is both seamless and efficient between itself and Google AdWords. Bing will be adopting Upgraded URLs that will be supported when migrating campaigns from AdWords.   Bing Ads Timelines You Need To Know   Supporting Import of Upgraded URLs from AdWords by early May 2015 Availability of Upgraded URLs in Bing…
Image of Bing homepage

Better Compare Your Search Term Coverage To The Competition

By , Production Specialist

This week, Google AdWords announced that it is enhancing the Keyword Planner to help compare your search term coverage to other advertisers. This feature will be rolled out over the next few weeks to all advertisers.   With this update, to find new keyword ideas you can review your relative ad impression share compared to the top five market leaders…
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In Defense Of The Lowly Display URL

By , CEO of Nerds Do It Better

  You want a higher click through rate?   You want a lower cost per click as a result of your higher quality score?   Then you should take advantage of every single avenue that is available to optimize your campaign. This includes crafting relevant and compelling ad extensions, headlines that match the search query as closely as possible and…
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