Google AdWords

Google AdWords is what makes Google billions of dollars every year. Launched in 2002, it was not the first pay-per-click (PPC) network – that was Overture – but it was the best, because it introduced a much more sophisticated bidding management strategy that any business, large or small, could take advantage of.

Google AdWords was revolutionary, and remains so today because the platform introduced the concept of click-through rate and quality score as deciding factors in the auction. This enabled businesses to compete for relevancy in their search ad campaigns rather than simply top ad positions and meant that companies with the biggest ad budgets were not guaranteed to perform better.

Google AdWords has evolved beyond simply desktop search to offer a huge content network, called the Google Display Network, and also powers YouTube Ads and the largest mobile PPC ad network in the world. Google AdWords offers powerful targeting options to advertisers with image ads, ad extensions, enhanced campaigns and dynamic remarketing, to name just a few. Google also offer a number of automation solutions and keyword bidding tools such as AdWords Editor and AdWords scripts to reduce the time spent managing campaigns.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced PPC campaign manager, PPC Hero is here to help you generate better results from your campaign budget.

12 Ways Google AdWords Drives PPC Managers Crazy

By , Senior Event Producer at Hanapin Marketing

Editor’s Note: This article is the final post as part of our Hero Conf London Guest Post Giveaway. Based on a combination of pageviews, shares and editorial review from the PPC Hero writing staff, a winner will be chosen from the finalists we post throughout the week. Today’s post comes to us from SEO, copywriting and PPC Specialist, Emma McHale…

Google AdWords Introduces Structured Snippet Extensions

By , Production Specialist

Google AdWords introduced dynamic structured snippets earlier this year, and over those past few months advertisers have been seeing success utilizing the feature. This automated ad extension gives your customers a better sense of the content on your website before they click on your ad. The information that automatically appears for your ad’s snippets reflects categories of the content found…

Shopping Promotional Text Being Retired For Automated Extensions

By , Production Specialist

This week, Google AdWords rolled out new automated extensions for shopping ads (PLAs). This improvement came after Google noticed many advertisers were using promotional text to highlight special offers or free shipping.   These new extensions are displayed alongside your shopping ads at no additional work or cost. They use existing information you’ve provided in your Merchant Center settings and…

7 Must Have Reports To Create In AdWords Report Editor

By , Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Your PPC dreams have finally come true – data visualization is now available in the AdWords Report Editor! You now have the ability create your very own data masterpiece by dragging and dropping data to create pivot tables, graphs and charts directly in the AdWords interface.   Last week AdWords announced the release of the AdWords Report Editor that will…

5 Rules Of Data Visualization

By , Account Analyst at Hanapin Marketing

In most PPC account management or analysis roles, a huge part of the job is looking at the data and turning it into something easily understood. Someone who isn’t a PPC expert should be able to get some key takeaways from reports. As you would imagine, charts and graphs are a large part of this reporting. Unfortunately, it’s easy to…

[New Webinar with AdStage!] The Most Valuable Google AdWords Features for the PPC Account Manager

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Google AdWords offers a huge amount of features to strengthen your campaign efforts and give you as much data as possible to make the best decisions for your account. However, there’s a lot of data and a lot of different features to try – how do you know which ones are the most valuable? From Search Partners and keyword reports…

Don’t Let the Competition Steal Your Revenue. Bid On Your Brand Terms!

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

"Why would I bid on my own brand terms? We will receive that traffic organically anyways." We all have heard this argument many times as account managers. "You just want the credit for the revenue coming in on these brand terms, and that is why the recommendation is made to bid on them, right?"   As paid search managers, we…

Google Introduces Search Ads On Google Play

By , Production Specialist

Google recently announced it is investing in new ways to help people discover apps with Search Ads on Google Play. Search is one of the biggest drivers of app installs in the Play Store. Google will be innovating on new technologies to simplify campaign management and improve measurement for developers.   Search Ads On Google Play   Search Ads on…

Weekend Bidding Rules For Better Cost Per Acquisition

By , Associate Director of Paid Search at Hanapin Marketing

One of the biggest challenges of having a successful paid search program is keeping cost per acquisition at or better than goal. To keep cost per acquisition costs in line with expectations, there’s a myriad of tactics and strategies that can be tested. For instance, keyword bids can be adjusted en masse, negative keywords can be added to your account,…

[New Whitepaper!] 11 AdWords Editor Features To Save You Time

By , Communications Manager at Hanapin Marketing

The AdWords Editor has been around for years and has been instrumental in helping account managers get things done quickly and efficiently. It’s something that every PPC Account Manager should be using on a regular basis; however, there are still several features that many account managers are not aware of. In this whitepaper, we’ll list out a number of features…