Google AdWords

Google AdWords is what makes Google billions of dollars every year. Launched in 2002, it was not the first pay-per-click (PPC) network – that was Overture – but it was the best, because it introduced a much more sophisticated bidding management strategy that any business, large or small, could take advantage of.

Google AdWords was revolutionary, and remains so today because the platform introduced the concept of click-through rate and quality score as deciding factors in the auction. This enabled businesses to compete for relevancy in their search ad campaigns rather than simply top ad positions and meant that companies with the biggest ad budgets were not guaranteed to perform better.

Google AdWords has evolved beyond simply desktop search to offer a huge content network, called the Google Display Network, and also powers YouTube Ads and the largest mobile PPC ad network in the world. Google AdWords offers powerful targeting options to advertisers with image ads, ad extensions, enhanced campaigns and dynamic remarketing, to name just a few. Google also offer a number of automation solutions and keyword bidding tools such as AdWords Editor and AdWords scripts to reduce the time spent managing campaigns.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced PPC campaign manager, PPC Hero is here to help you generate better results from your campaign budget.

How To Integrate Structured Snippets Into Your Account

By , Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

You’ve probably heard by now that there’s a new ad extension in town – structured snippets. Perhaps you’ve had some time to experiment with them, or perhaps you haven’t. With it being an avenue for some additional real estate on Google’s search results pages, it’s certainly worth investigating. Below, I’ll walk you through structured snippets, explain what they are and…

Making The Case for Attribution: Prove The Entire Value Of PPC To Your Stakeholders

By , Associate Director of Paid Search at Hanapin Marketing

My Google rep recently shared a study with me that stated people spend an average of 5 hours per day online and visit over 10 different sources before converting. For instance, potential customers in my PPC accounts are spending ever-increasing amounts of time on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and review sites like Yelp. They’re researching and…

Holiday Promotions Delivered Via Text Message

By , Production Associate at Hanapin Marketing

The end of November is quickly approaching, which means holiday discount hunters are becoming ever increasingly active. Despite many shoppers just beginning the process of making their list, a large portion of the population is already checking it twice. Last year nearly half of all holiday shoppers completed the majority of their shopping on or before Cyber Monday. While PPC…

Google Releases New Tools In Time For the Holiday Season

By , Production Associate at Hanapin Marketing

The holiday season is upon us and Google has some early gifts for retailers - new shopping campaign optimization features in AdWords. Despite Black Friday and Cyber Monday driving large amounts of traffic, Google says, “mobile will make every day a shopping day.” Retailers will need to be able to adjust budgets and campaigns quickly, so AdWords has released new…

How To Use The New Customer Match Feature For RLSA

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

This week, Dennis Doubovski from Adwords Robot wrote a great post on the new customer match feature in Adwords. With this feature being new, there are a lot of different ways to go about using it. Let's go through some of the ways to split up lists and how to go about advertising to users.   How To Split Up…

Get To Know Your Audience Insights

By , Account Analyst at Hanapin Marketing

AdWords now allows advertisers to gain more insight into the users who comprise their remarketing audiences. To view these insights, simply navigate to "Shared Library > Audience" and select a list.   From here, navigate through the report via the tabs at the top of the page (Top Insights, In-Market Audiences, Affinity Audience, Demographics, Locations, and Devices).   [caption id="attachment_28963" align="aligncenter"…

How Does Match Type Impact Performance?

By , Senior Account Analyst at Hanapin Marketing

One of the first lessons you learn in PPC is the different keyword match types. They are the building block of query matching, but we don’t often evaluate them as a group. Some don’t even bother with multiple match types and sway to only using one match type or the other. They may use exact match exclusively and have extremely…

Shopping Assortment Report Gives New Insight Into Demand For Popular Products

By , Production Specialist

Last week, Google introduced the Shopping Assortment Report in Google Merchant Center to help plan product assortment and reach more shoppers online. It is an opportune time to roll out this report because retailers are increasingly interested in new opportunities to meet online customer demand, especially during the holiday season.   With the Shopping Assortment Report, you will be able…