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Google AdWords is what makes Google billions of dollars every year. Launched in 2002, it was not the first pay-per-click (PPC) network – that was Overture – but it was the best, because it introduced a much more sophisticated bidding management strategy that any business, large or small, could take advantage of.

Google AdWords was revolutionary, and remains so today because the platform introduced the concept of click-through rate and quality score as deciding factors in the auction. This enabled businesses to compete for relevancy in their search ad campaigns rather than simply top ad positions and meant that companies with the biggest ad budgets were not guaranteed to perform better.

Google AdWords has evolved beyond simply desktop search to offer a huge content network, called the Google Display Network, and also powers YouTube Ads and the largest mobile PPC ad network in the world. Google AdWords offers powerful targeting options to advertisers with image ads, ad extensions, enhanced campaigns and dynamic remarketing, to name just a few. Google also offer a number of automation solutions and keyword bidding tools such as AdWords Editor and AdWords scripts to reduce the time spent managing campaigns.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced PPC campaign manager, PPC Hero is here to help you generate better results from your campaign budget.

My 2014 Google Shopping Wishlist

By , Founder of ZATO

As I write this post, the quiet inspirational strains of my Spotify Christmas list are wafting through the air. Ok, I'm not ready for that season here, but I thought it would be nice to get my wishlist in extra early this year so there's time to get all of these changes done BEFORE the holiday season (i.e., e-commerce high…

6 Tactics For Writing Better PPC Blogs

By , Senior Account Manager, Community

New PPC blog posts go live every day. Many blogs consistently produce great content, while others miss the boat (hopefully we provide the former :) ). After reading, writing, and editing 100s of posts during my career, I’ve identified six tactics to help you become a better PPC blogger.   It’s important to note that the majority of these tactics…
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Everything (And More!) You Need To Know About Ad Extensions – New Whitepaper!

By , Communications Coordinator at Hanapin Marketing

Search ads are no longer just about headlines, description lines and display URLs. Ad Extensions now also play a huge part in the appearance and success of ads. Not only do they create more reasons to click your ad (like relevancy), they improve visibility and give a better return on investment. In this white paper you will learn: Why ad…
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Google Announces New Shipping Configuration Tool for Shopping Campaigns

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Google announced yesterday on Inside AdWords that they’ve developed a solution to the common frustration of shipping price inaccuracies between what is displayed on the SERP, versus what is displayed on the final check out screen.   Google asserts that their new shipping configuration tool will help advertisers show more accurate total prices to shoppers.   Within this tool, shipping…
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