Guide the Industry and Take the 2016 State of PPC Survey!

By Jamie Newton | @jnewton09 | Senior Communications Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Each year, Hanapin Marketing manages extensive research into the State of PPC Report, which provides a statistical breakdown of the digital ad industry and guides expectations.


We conduct research through surveying hundreds of search marketing professionals in decision-making roles, and we draw conclusions about what trends we are seeing, and what new trends we can expect to emerge.


The information gathered in this survey will guide the industry’s expectations, its growth and its perspective.


Now, its time for your input on the state of PPC in 2016 and what you expect to see in 2017. How do you feel about the current PPC market, what are the most effective channels for your business, and how will you change your budget in different ad channels in the next 12 months?


This industry update is being conducted by Hanapin Marketing, the PPC agency of experts behind PPC Hero and Hero Conf.


Guide the industry and take the survey by
Friday, August 26th!

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