Put AdWords In Its Place – New AdWords Scripts for Ad Labels and Geo/Device Data

By , Product Development Manager at Hanapin Marketing


You don’t have time to fumble through filters in excel pivot tables and your client (or boss) needed to know performance data 10 minutes ago.


That’s why we’ve introduced two new scripts.


With the new Hero Pro scripts Ad Labels and Geo / Device Data, you can keep the information you need right at your finger tips and easily keep track of ad metrics – so you can react in real-time.




The Ad Labels script lets you…

  • Easily keep track of ad testing metrics.
  • Quickly filter on a label, or set of labels.
  • Get the stats for a specific group of ads.
  • Combine labels with automated rules to launch or pause time sensitive ad copy.


With Geo and Device Data script you can… 

  • Check Device data for each campaign, then compile data for the entire account.
  • See Geo campaign and account data side by side.
  • Automatically constructs a spreadsheet and emails you the link!


Hero Pro offers 14 total scripts and so much more.


Build New Ads, Launch Ad Experiments, Get Results. 

As any PPC manager knows, ad copy testing can be a brutal, time-consuming investment, but Ad Automator let’s you Set up, execute and track a 26-round multivariate ad test down to the ad group level in only a few minutes. It then records, tracks and reports each round of ad tests each time one reaches statistical significance.


Tap. Swipe. View. It’s that simple. 


With the new mobile app from Hero Pro, you can keep your stats right in your pocket. PPC Headliner for iPhone and iPad isn’t the AdWords interface on a mobile, but you can use it to gain easy access to your metrics while on-the-go. With just a few clicks, you can see what your accounts are doing down to the campaign level ensuring you’re receiving the intelligence you need at all times.


Protect your accounts while you sleep.

Ad Guardian does the one thing you can’t, but should: It constantly monitors your landing page, detects when the page goes down, and then pauses your corresponding ad campaigns when the page goes down. When your site goes back up, Ad Guardian only reactivates campaigns that were active before the site went down saving you thousands in wasted ad spend.


AdWords Tool Free Trial





Ready to take Hero Pro for a test drive? Click here and try Hero Pro free for 10 days. Need more convincing? Check out all our tools, scripts, and resources.


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