Category: Hero Conf

Why Hero Conf Entertainment is Must See

At Hero Conf, we strive to give you more than just the best PPC content.  You should experience a conference and the city that hosts.  In the past, we’ve delivered groundbreaking comedy, up-and-coming indie music, and all the local flavor you can handle.  You can...

How to Test Foreign Markets with AdWords

Selling products into a new country can seem like a daunting task - especially for first-time exporters.  Some great tools exist, but sometimes you just want to see if a particular country is worth pursuing before you invest even mid-level amounts of time and money.

When Less Has to Be More – Working with Limited Budgets

In a perfect world, we would all have infinite amounts of time, energy and money to throw at our PPC campaigns. But, since we live in the real world, and limited budgets are very much a reality, I’ve got a few ideas for getting the...

2014: The Year of Ad Extensions

It’s the beginning of a new year, the holiday shopping season is over (finally!) and there couldn’t be a better time to give some tender love and care to your campaigns. Google has already given us a preview of how ads will change going into...


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