Funny Halloween Post

By John Rampton | @Hanapin

Every year I love to dress up for Halloween.  this year I have been everything from a Computer nerd to a Superhero.  That got me into the though of what makes a good superhero?  A superhero is someone that we all look up to, someone that makes us believe in something more then we think possible.  For me a superhero has always been my Mom and my Dad.  They despite all the crap I put them through put up with me.

In reading a post by Mitchell Stoker at Maple North who posted about modern day SEO superheros I found it funny how much we look up to all the people that are mentioned in the post. Below are some of the Heros mentioned in the post.  Hope you enjoy!

SuperRand – Rand Fishkin

Internet Birth: ~1993
Gender: Male
Occupation: Wizard of Moz
Base: Mozplex
Twitter: @randfish
Enemies: Blackhat SEOs and spammers
Power: X-ray vision on the SERPs and flying everywhere (Mozcation, events, meetings, etc)

“Faster than a speeding algorithm! More powerful than a Google Search! Able to crash websites in a single tweet! Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s SuperRand!”

SpiderMatt – Matt Cutts

Internet Birth: Joined the Google Team in 2000
Gender: Male
Occupation: Head of Google’s Webspam Team
Base: GooglePlex
Twitter: @mattcutts
Enemies: Blackhat SEOs, spammers and low-quality scum, affiliates(?)
Power: Precognitive sense of danger (SafeSearch) and superhuman crawling abilities

Wilverine – Wil Reynolds

Internet Birth: ~1999
Gender: Male
Occupation: Ultimate Link Builder
Base: Search Church
Twitter: @wilreynolds
Enemies: Link-buyers and spammers
Power: Keen senses to sniff out and find links, extraordinary ability to heal sites from spam and other blackhat harm, and hidden link building claws of death

BatMihm – David Mihm

Internet Birth: ~2006
Gender: Male
Occupation: Local SEO Consultant
Base: Portland Hideout
Twitter: @davidmihm
Enemies: Blackhat SEOs and fake local reviewers
Power: Brilliant mind and powerful strategies to protect his local roots

THORrester – Duane Forrester

Internet Birth: 1997
Gender: Male
Occupation: Senior Product Manager for Bing’s Webmaster Outreach
Base: Bing Headquarters
Twitter: @DuaneForrester
Enemies: Blackhat SEOs and spammers
Power: Super stamina and lightning speed travel from conference to conference

To see a full list of SEO Superheros, visit here.

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