Recently, I wrote about diversifying your search marketing campaign and exploring new territory. Initiating search marketing campaigns in a handful of alternative search engines can be beneficial for numerous reasons (see list of said reasons in previous post!). However, in order for this strategy to benefit your overall campaign, you need to get these alternative search engines to perform well. This is a challenge I’ve recently encountered with AdBrite and I thought I’d get your feedback.

AdBrite is the “internet’s ad marketplace” according to their tag line. Through this service you can distribute text, banner, inline, video, and full page advertisements to a large inventory of websites. Websites within AdBrites distribution network include Alexa, excite, friendster, ringo, boing boing, among many others. You can target your ads by content, demographics, geographical location. In summary, AdBrite has most of the features you need to craft a successful campaign.

Their interface, if you ask me, is rather slick. Navigation is quick. Setting up campaigns can take in a matter of only minutes. Pulling performance data is easily done, and easily readable. However, beauty is only skin deep. My performance data may be easy to read, but it’s hard to swallow.

I’ve been running a test this month within AdBrite. Despite how much I want to like them, it’s just not working. Here is a general break down:

With over 600 clicks I should have at least 3-4 conversions. I used my best performing ads from Google and Yahoo; I loaded my highest converting keywords; and I chose categories where my ads would be highly relevant – and I still have received no conversions!

Someone somewhere must be having success with this system otherwise AdBrite wouldn’t be in business. The reason I think there is opportunity here is because I’ve had success with content distribution in AdWords and Yahoo. This is why I’ve taken my “best” tactics from these other search engines and applied them here. Not bad in theory, but the results speak for themselves.

Have you have had success with AdBrite? If so, tell me how! If not, tell me your sob story!