Change City: Austin London

What To Expect

Hero Conf has 4X as many PPC training sessions as other industry events.


You’ve been to a lot of conferences. You can pretty much guess ahead of time what’s going to be said and who’s going to say it. You’ve sat through product pitches and self-promotion courses alike and left wanting more. Is that what you should expect at Hero Conf? The answer to that question is a resounding “no.”



Hero Conf is more than just sessions and soundbites. With 40 speakers, 40 breakout panels, 4 keynotes and 300+ PPC like-minded attendees, it’s the platform for innovative ideas, creative discussions and connections that matter. It’s about making each and every attendee a hero in their everyday and allowing them to share their passion for PPC. Hero Conf is the London’s Only all-PPC training conference, and each year it brings the biggest names and brightest minds, together under one roof to discuss the tactics, strategies, present and future of paid advertising.



The Courses


With 40 in-depth speaking courses from 40 PPC experts, including 4 keynotes, you get the unparalleled opportunity to meet with the industry’s best and brightest. Don’t miss your chance to get a step ahead of the market–and a leg up on the competition–with all of the latest tactics, news and techniques.

  • Four keynote sessions from industry luminaries
  • Nearly one-third of speakers are in-house specialists while similar industry events focus solely on agency speakers.
  • Attendees from ecommerce, education, lead gen and marketing powerhouses
  • A 5:1 attendee-to-speaker ratio for an unbeatable level of access



The Workshops


Our exclusive 1-on-1 workshop sessions with Brainlabs & industry experts deliver immediate, personalized improvement to your specific PPC accounts. Hero Conf is the only conference that provides this level of account-specific, actionable information.

  • See why workshops sell out every year
  • Invest 1% of your budget and increase your overall ROI in one day
  • Get a personalized account audit at a fraction of the cost



And So Much More


Learn more about what’s going to be happening at Hero Conf this year by visiting the “Why Go?” page right now!

  • You will have multiple unique networking opportunities packed into two and a half days
  • Fun after-hours events allow you to relax, unwind and enjoy the company of your PPC colleagues
  • We make a concerted effort to break the “conference circuit” mold
  • Group pricing available!