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Excel Hero Workshop

Who Attends?

The Excel Hero Workshop is designed with the expert-level account manager in mind, with sessions dedicated to uncovering efficiencies and effective work habits with Excel. To ensure we get your questions answered and to allow maximum interaction, we’re limiting the class to 15 participants.

What Will you Cover?

Your day will be packed with insights & actionable takeaways on:

1. Intermediate Excel For The Advanced PPC-er (1 hour)

A. Excel functions used in every day PPC analysis          

i. Pivot tables        

ii. Nested Ifs        

iii. Conditional Aggregate Functions        

iv. Data validation

2. How To Beat Automated Bidding Using Excel Lookups (1 hour)

A. 3 types of Lookup Functions          

i. HLOOKUPS          

ii. VLOOKUPS          


B. Creating manual bid tables using lookups

3. Reallocating Budgets? Let Excel Solver Do The Work (30 minutes)

A. Using Excel Solver to optimize for conversion goals          

i. Allocate budgets to maximize conversions while staying within a variety of budget constraints 

4. Excel & Beyond: Combine The Best New Features of Excel with Microsoft Power BI (30 minutes)

A. The newest, most useful features of Excel

B. Connecting your Excel data with Analytics and other platforms using Microsoft Power BI

The Experience?

Alongside a limited number of attendees, your day will include four segments devoted fully to Excel for the PPC manager. Expect to dive deep into topics designed to challenge the way you work. Each session will end with time specifically set aside to answer your questions and allow extended discussion among workshop participants.   Breakfast and lunch are included in the workshop price.

What are the Long-Term Benefits?

Though new to Hero Conf, we already know how beneficial and rare personalized, small group sessions can be. By taking advantage of the specific insights provided during these sessions, you can expect long-term efficiencies and real-time changes. Our experts will also provide contact information for personalized follow-up and specific questions.