Change City: Austin London

Standing Up for Every PPC Hero

A Representation and Inclusion Program

Our approach to equality,
diversity, and inclusion.
We aspire to be a more diverse and inclusive conference with every Hero Conf we host. Our goal is to cultivate inclusion for underrepresented groups by providing a free ticket opportunity to those of different backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints. We are additionally striving for our speakers to represent the broader US population.
Our Call to Speak is open, and we are especially interested in seeing more Black speakers and People of Color in our lineup.
We have a responsibility to influence positive change, and that includes creating a conference that allows all marketers the equal opportunity to reach their full potential. 


Actions speak louder than words.


It isn’t enough to just talk about diversifying our conference. Change requires action. During the conference, our Code of Conduct is published and called out by our emcee, and supplemented with a reminder to be kind, to report unfavorable behavior, and to speak up when peer commentary crosses the line. But we can do more.


We are not naive to the fact that opportunity for betterment and growth are not equal among us. So here’s what we’re doing:
  • We have 10 free tickets for members of underrepresented groups to join us at Hero Conf Austin, 2023.
  • Apply with via this form by January 1st and if selected, we’ll send you a confirmation email and event overview.
  • If not selected, we still want to help as much as we can. You’ll be sent an additional discount to apply toward a Conference Pass.
  • Be a member of a group not well-represented within the digital marketing community, including but not limited to: women, people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQ, veterans
  • Able to cover travel and accommodation to Hero Conf Austin
  • Work in digital marketing or the tech community

Qualifying submissions will be assigned a number

and chosen through random generation.


Attend as a speaker.


A look at the last five years.


Our greatest progress is seen within the strides we’ve made to close the gender gap within our Speaker lineup. But we still have work to do on our end. We haven’t yet collected data beyond gender, but we are holding ourselves accountable for the years to come.



Let’s partner & grow together.


We are committed to doing more. With a Representation & Inclusion partnership, we can offer more to our attendees. Please email if interested. With this partnership you will receive:  


  • Logo inclusion in conference opening remarks, Code of Conduct, and registration
  • Commitment of spend from Hero Conf in co-branded Diversity and Inclusion ads
  • Commitment of traffic to partner landing page
  • Opportunity for room or seat drop
  • Email sponsorship