Agency Hero Workshop

Who Attends?


The Agency Hero Workshop is a great learning tool for CEO’s, presidents, vice presidents, directors, and executive managers. To ensure we get your questions answered and to allow maximum interaction, we’re limiting the class to 10 participants. Don’t delay in claiming your seat to one of the best ways to wrap up two days of learning!


What Will you Cover?

Your day will be packed with exclusive executive level insights, aimed to cover a variety of topics. These segments will include sessions:





  • Recruiting
  • Need-to-offer
  • Application process
  • Training
  • What we do each day of the week
  • Certifications
  • Retention
  • TINYpulse/1:1’s/coffees
  • Promotion path
  • Review process






  • Client Retention Strategies
  • RARs
  • Internal Audits
  • Internal Reviews
  • Client Services
  • Client Services Manager/Monthly Call
  • Being Flexible with Agreements





  • Organizational Structure
  • Production VS Account Manager roles
  • Seniors with added responsibility
  • How communication flows
  • Marketing Channels
  • Content Types
  • Frequency
  • Manufactured Serendipity
  • Sales
  • Lead Gen team
  • Solutions Blueprints


You’ll hear first hand accounts from the leader of an industry-leading digital marketing agency who runs the world’s most popular PPC blog and conference. Not to mention his company has been voted “Best Place to Work” four years running!


The Experience?

Alongside a limited number of attendees, you’ll begin your day with an exclusive sit down with Hanapin’s President, Jeff Allen. In-depth training and dialogue will spark effective new practices you can implement immediately. The day will be blended with Jeff’s favorite resources, ample networking opportunities and additional time for personalized Q&A.


What are the Long-Term Benefits?

Leave with a business mentor as you stay connected with three, 30 minute post-conference coaching calls. By taking advantage of the guiding principles you’ll learn while becoming an Agency Hero, you can immediately help catapult your company’s growth initiatives.