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Excel Workshop

As a digital marketer, analyzing your data and finding insights is critical. However, it’s not easy! Your accounts probably have thousands of spreadsheets-worth of data, but you have to figure out how to condense it into clean reports and dashboards and ultimately glean insights from those reports. And of course, the faster the better. 

Hero Conf’s Excel Workshop is aimed to help you better understand the Excel functions and features that can help you to optimize your analysis and reporting so you can spend more of your time on high-level, strategic work. 

The Experience?

We understand at times you don’t know what you don’t know. That’s where we come in. Our goal is to introduce functions and formulas that will catapult your work efficiencies, and provide templates, dashboards, or reports that will help you in your daily responsibilities.

Workshop Agenda

Your workshop will be comprised of three parts – building a dashboard, Excel lookup functions, and Excel Solver for budgets. Answer questions like:

» Building a Dashboard: We’ll cover features like named ranges, data validation, SUMIFs, IFs, and pivot tables to help you build a dynamic PPC dashboard that you can use in your everyday work.

» Excel Lookup Functions for Bidding and Beyond: We’ll introduce Excel’s new XLookup function and review how ALL lookup functions can help you build dynamic bidding templates. 

» Excel Solver for Budgets & More: We’ll learn how to allocate budgets to maximize conversions while staying within a variety of budget constraints. 

Expect to dive deep into Excel with a session designed to challenge the way you work, and don’t keep doing your work the long way. 

You’ll also leave with a USB containing:

  • Templates in Excel that can also be uploaded to Google Sheets
  • Hanapin Marketing’s best Excel whitepapers, webinars, and guides

About Your Trainer

Alaina Thompson | Growth Marketing Manager, Hanapin Marketing