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We are looking to hire an Ads Manager who can help setup, manage and optimize ppc and banner ads campaigns. We are usually working with Google Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn but experience with other advertising platforms is definitely a plus.

You should have experience with at least the top two ad platforms (Facebook, Google), as well as with understanding and evaluating Google Analytics, conversions, and related data to understand whether or not the ads are working and converting. 

The purpose behind the service we provide is to optimize and maintain our sales funnel. While your focus is on creating and optimizing ads to convert, the related work the team does to complement yours is landing page copywriting and design, A/B testing on pop-ups and landing pages, and creating and setting up automated email sequences.

You will be expected to collaborate closely with our CEO for big picture planning, interpreting data, and evaluation of your deliverables.

We are a systems and process-oriented company. This is part of what makes us and the people we work with special.

We are looking to work with someone for the long-term.

Finally, one of our core values as a company is relentless self-improvement. If this describes how you like to live your life personally and professionally, you'll fit in well with us.


  • Reading our training page, collaborate / delegate to other team members, and follow our process 
  • Optimize campaigns based on budget, goals, review of conversion results, keyword research and other parameters
  • Research, drive relevant traffic and track results
  • Offer ideas to improve ads / campaigns and work with the team in optimizing the copy or landing page.
  • Attend daily team sync-ups at 1030am EST, Monday - Friday.
  • Attend weekly team meets via video on Tuesdays at 3pm EST and participate with constructive ideas 


  • Must have a reliable, stable internet connection 
  • Must be reliable, diligent and enjoy having a position where staying organized and communicating clearly is key 
  • Must have ads accounts management experience (Google, Facebook at a minimum)
  • A PLUS if you have any other digital marketing experience (selling info products, lead gen for services businesses) 
  • Must be friendly and enjoy working within a proven process 
  • Must be comfortable working virtually and being self-directed
  • Must be fluent in English
  • Must be available to work during company business hours i.e. between 9am and 5pm EST (New York Time)
  • Must complete a skill test and 2-week training as documented on our wiki, as given by our assistant


  • Full-time work from home or any other place (we are a virtual team)
  • Earn a monthly income from $1000 per month depending on the workload
  • Consistent workload and workflow (we sell a single, focused monthly subscription service)
  • Proven, easy to learn work process
  • Work for a mission-focused company that provides a great service
  • Have fun while interacting and learning from fellow team members
  • Learn new skills and upgrade your existing ones

About the company

Autogrow.co’s mission is to accelerate creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit. Founded in 2010, we provide flexible, high-quality digital marketing services to help our clients grow their business. We see over 40,000 visits to the site per month. Our core company values are: Continuous Self-Improvement, Creativity, and Enjoyment. And we are always looking to bring new talent onto the team. Just have a look below to see some of the benefits of joining AutoGrow.


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