Hero Conf is right around the corner, will we see you there? PPC experts from around the world will gather next year for our annual conferences in both Austin and London. If it’s your first time hearing about us, Hero Conf is dedicated to gathering digital marketers looking to learn more about pressing developments in the world of paid media, analytics, paid social, programmatic, etc. In 2022, we’ll be welcoming 40+Paid Search experts at each city to give you a deep dive into the content you need to manage your accounts better, stay up-to-date on industry trends and generally have fun learning about the latest in paid search.

What can you expect?

Since the world of PPC and digital marketing are ever-changing, you can never stop learning. That’s why we continuously provide actionable and informative workshops with top-notch PPC industry leaders. Each training session is designed to dig deeper into your daily roles by structuring them to educate on topics of paid social, analytics, and data. Building workshops that best suit the needs of you and your team, will leave you feeling ready to implement them on a daily basis. 

Once you arrive at the city where you’ll be attending the conference, you’ll be able to kick back and relax at the Networking Breakfast. This is where you’ll be able to meet with fellow peers from different regions who are there to experience Hero Conf with you! Networking is one of the main incentives of our conferences. That’s why throughout the trip, you’ll be invited to a series of networking breakfasts, lunches, and happy hours to take some downtime and chat. As we all know, getting to meet one-to-one with industry experts isn’t something we get to do often which is why we highly encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities. 

What are some takeaways you can leave with?

Being that Hero Conf was built to uplift the PPC community, we make sure that you leave with at least four innovative ideas that’ll open the door to multiple growth opportunities. Bringing brilliant minds together to discuss tactics, strategies, present, and future of pay-per-click advertising is what we’re here to do. 

Source: ppchero.com

“We grow as PPC experts. We network with other like-minded marketers. We learn from others’ victories (and mistakes). We look forward to each conference as an opportunity to validate that our PPC management approach, while unique, is on par with the best-in-class marketers from around the world,” said Andrew Miller, Co-Founder of Workshop Digital. 

Why HeroConf?

Hero Conf has many years in the game. As a collective, we serve the PPC community at all levels. So no matter if you’re at an associate or senior level, the speakers that participate in our conference meet your needs and questions. While selecting speakers, we make sure that they’ve done the work. Each speaker will come prepared to share case studies with tips on ways you can improve in your role and company. Our approach is always light, fun, inclusive, and informative, so why miss out! Being that the conferences also take place in two beautiful cities, this could be a reason to: 

a.) explore somewhere new

b.) have some downtime

We can assure you that Hero Conf. is an unforgettable experience, so plan your visit today! Get 10% off when you get your ticket with the code: PPCHERO10. To register and for more information visit, ppchero.com