Landing Page Survey - Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

By Jen Barrett | @Hanapin

We need your help!

Landing pages are obviously an integral part of PPC campaigns, and we’re conducting a survey about landing pages to better understand how businesses utilize them. This short survey (15 questions; 5 minutes) will provide us with lots of valuable data about this facet of PPC. We’ll share that data with you after the survey ends so you can benchmark yourself against other PPC Hero readers!

To increase participation, we’re giving away five $50 Amazon gift cards! To be eligible, complete the survey and include your email address in the final question. The survey closes at 5 pm EST on Wednesday, May 12, and we’ll announce the winners the following day.

Thanks in advance for participating!

If you do not see the survey below, please click here to take the survey [THIS SURVEY HAS BEEN CLOSED].


Landing Page Research

Page 1


2. Who writes the copy (text) of the landing pages?


4. Who designs the layout of the landing pages?




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