Some of the top minds in the search marketing industry came together to create a new way to award great blogging – the SEMMYs. Today, the nominations were announced in such categories as SEO, PPC, Social Media and even Rants! PPC Hero was nominated for 4 SEMMYs this year.

2008 SEMMY Nominee

The judging will commence next week with the finalists being announced on the 23rd. At that time, public voting will be allowed to determine the best blog articles in each category. So, on the 23rd, please vote for one these PPC Hero articles:

Expand Your View on Google’s Quality Score and See Your Campaign Grow

The AdWords Quality Score can have major (positive and negative) effects on your PPC campaign. To make sure that the evil doers of the world don’t abuse the quality-based system, Google keeps the Quality Score details shrouded in mystery. However, we have gained some insights for best-practices when optimizing your campaign in order to enhance your Quality Score. We divulged these tips and tactics in our series, Expand Your View on Google’s Quality Score and See Your Campaign Grow.

5 Additional Common PPC Mistakes

It’s easy to make common mistakes when running pay-per-click campaigns. Here are 5 additional common mistakes we thought would be helpful to know. This list is appended to another 5 common mistakes list from Jennifer Laycock from Search Engine Guide. A few include engaging in bidding wars to be in the #1 position, only one ad with too many keywords and not separating content from search.

Stop Complaining, Start Educating!

Our main goal at PPC Hero is to educate people on Pay-per-click tactics. Some topics we have a great and thorough understanding of and some we had to teach ourselves first. Complaining about something you don’t understand in your blog doesn’t really help anyone, and that’s what Graywolfe does in his Google Adwords More Pricing BS blog. My point, instead of complaining about what you don’t understand, learn from it and educate others so they don’t make the same mistakes you may have made.

Use These 5 Holiday Tips To Help Increase Your PPC Revenue

The holidays are a great time for increasing your revenue through pay-per-click. Take these 5 holiday tips to your PPC campaigns to increase traffic and revenue. Some include promotional copy in your ad texts, the best time to increase your bids before Christmas is over and highlighting shipping deadlines so people know when the cut off is.