Site speed has been included as one of the factors in determining your ranking in Google, but Matt Cutts explains that it’s not something to blow out of proportion. There are a plethora of tools you can use in addition to Google Webmaster Tools to monitor your site’s speed and make improvements. Hopefully user experience will improve with this change as SEMs start to put more focus on the steps they can take to improve site performance.

Are you trying to decide how large of a net to cast with your keywords? Choosing between broad, exact, and phrase can often times require lots of testing before really knowing what works for a campaign. This post from Search Engine Land that looks at Broad Vs. Exact Match: The Hard Data, might offer some insight on how to think tactically about keyword types.

Do you love wasting your time? Yeah, who does. But if you just fly by the seat of your pants every time you need to build or expand a PPC account, that’s what you’re doing. Search Engine Land, in a cute nod to Earth Day, has given us some lovely tips for recycling strategies to reduce time wastage in PPC management.