Happy Friday PPC geeks I don’t want to jinx myself, but here goes nothing. I see perhaps a crack in winter’s armor. Or at least I hope. This weather is sweet! Which is great, because I coincidentally broke my ankle last week, and hobbling / crutching around in snow doesn’t sound too appealing. Back to the point of this article, here’s this weeks roundup.

  • Obviously, Google Analytics is awesome. ROI Revolution gives us six tools to make Analytics awesomer … err … more awesome?
  • Further along the lines of easy tools, semvironment gives us a Firefox plugin to help manage your PPC accounts. So, if you’re a plugin junkie, give it a look. Jon Clark breaks it down.
  • Yes, this is a PPC blog. Yes, we’re all PPC nerds. But let’s get serious, you all do SEO as well. Or at least, you know about it. In case you don’t, Gordon Choi gives us a helpful beginner SEO guide. It’s worth knowing about SEO, even if you don’t practice it.
  • Scott Brinker, author of the new book ‘Honest Seduction’, gives us 3 landing page tips based upon working with faculty and staff over at MIT.  Check out the ‘Honest Seduction’, after all, who doesn’t love a good PPC book anyways?
  • This weeks lol link comes courtesy of Loren Baker from Search Engine Journal. Google Japan paid off bloggers to write about and link to them. Then papa Google laid the smack down.
  • We like movies. Proababaly a little too much. At least here, I have successfully combined PPC with movies. Well, not me per se, but rather, SEM Geek.