Sometimes, it is as easy as asking.  Bing Ads listened to feedback from its users and added some additional features to their campaign tab, which should be live across the Bing Ads interface. While these changes will not change the world of paid search, they will make some of the little things easier and faster.

What is new?

The key word to remember is faster and faster means more streamlined for Bing.  All of the additional features and updates will not bring any additional information than you had access to before, however, the changes will make it easier to see that information.

1. Editorial Alerts For Your Disapprovals

When an ad or a keyword now becomes disapproved.  A notification will appear as a banner on the top of the Campaign tab.  The alert will list the number of ad or keyword disapprovals that exist within the account.  When you click upon the disapproval alert, you will be taken to a page that will list all the disapprovals that exist within the account.  This will allow for quick editing, deletion or requests for exceptions for the disapprovals.  It essentially streamlines the current process of dealing with disapprovals in Bing.

2. Easily Selected Date Ranges

This next feature might seem small, however, it can save a few seconds on your reporting and it is more convenient.  When I run reports, 30 days is my personal default time grain.  Whether you look back 30 days or 14 days, those timeframes are now date range options in the reporting tab.  Rather than using a custom date range to get my 30 days, I now only have to select “Last 30 Days.”  It is faster and easier, which is exactly what is reasoning behind these small and welcome changes.

3. Access Revenue & Other Conversion Metrics Faster

Prior to these added conveniences, to access any revenue or ROAS metrics, you would have to run a report in the reporting to tab to view how your campaigns were performing.  For any ecommerce account, this is an obviously useful and necessary metric.  We can now see that data quicker without running a report.  Whether you want to look at revenue at the keyword, ad group or campaign level, it is now as easy as adding an additional column.

This all might seem like small changes and they are! However, these little things will make some tasks quicker.  More importantly, Bing Ads is willing to accept more feedback or suggestions to make their interface more user friendly.  If you have an idea, send them a recommendation and you might end up getting exactly what you want.