Hero Conf Austin | COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Policy
Attendance is only guaranteed upon proof of full COVID-19 vaccination to be provided to the Hero Conf events team. Masks are not mandatory whilst at the conference, but are preferred. If you are holding a ticket but are not fully vaccinated and do not plan to become fully vaccinated before the conference is due to take place you can request a refund up to 1 month before the conference takes place. Any refund requests made after this date will be declined.
If you are exempt from having COVID-19 vaccinations and wish to attend the conference, please reach out to heroconf@brainlabsdigital.com.
Hero Conf may make changes to our COVID-19 policy at any time in line with government and CDC guidelines.

Refund Policy
You may cancel your attendance by notifying our registration department by email at heroconf@brainlabsdigital.com; by December 19, 2021, for Hero Conf Austin and by February 13th, 2022 for Hero Conf London. Your registration will be refunded less a $100/£100 processing fee. Cancellations after the above dates are non-refundable.
You may transfer your registration to another person in your company or organization, free of charge, by notifying heroconf@brainlabsdigital.com, however, you may not transfer your registration once your badge has been picked up.

Safe to meet and reunite the Hero Conf community!
We are delighted to announce that Hero Conf Austin has been re-scheduled for Jan 31st and Feb 1st, 2022!

We’re confident that by these dates we will be able to meet safely. The team here is so excited to reunite the Hero Conf community. We’re busy planning all the details and cannot wait to bring you all back together to enjoy and learn from our amazing speakers, soak up new content, meet our fantastic exhibitors, and enjoy conversations with peers you’ve missed over the past year.

We couldn’t be more grateful for the support and patience you have shown us. Rest assured that we will be honoring all ticket purchases made for Hero Conf through 2019/20 so if you are already holding a ticket, there is nothing more for you to do at this stage.

Hotel reservations for The Hilton Austin can be made here.

We are bummed to share Hero Conf Austin, originally rescheduled for June 2-3, which will be postponed tentatively to January 2022.  

We didn’t want to be back at this decision, but we don’t believe we’ll be ready for a live 600 person marketing conference by June.  

Although refunds have been available since we first postponed Hero Conf Austin, many of you hung onto your tickets, and we too hung onto the idea we’d be back to meeting in person in 2021. We’re disappointed, to say the least, but we’re not going anywhere!

If you take no action, we’ll transfer your ticket to the rescheduled 2022 Hero Conf Austin. Additionally, you’ll receive complimentary access to a second virtual event we’ll offer later this year. Otherwise, you can email us to request a refund at any time.
We’re fortunate that our event is an extension of Brainlabs, which has continued to thrive over the past year, and means we’re committed to providing you a shared space for industry meetups, actionable content, and genuine excitement around digital marketing in the months and years to come.
We don’t want to be missing another year of in-person professional development and face-to-face knowledge sharing. We miss the buzz of an onsite event and we miss our community. And we’ll get back there!