Why Speak

Move from behind your computer to the front of the room and become a Hero Conf expert!

You already know all the great reasons why you should attend Hero Conf, but have you ever considered speaking at the PPC Conference of the Year? Stand out amongst the crowd and take the proverbial stage to teach like-minded PPC colleagues your innovative ideas, tips, and techniques in digital advertising. Whether you’re a speaking veteran or a novice ready to dive in headfirst, speaking at Hero Conf opens doors for brands and agencies alike.





As a speaker, you’ll begin your two and a half days at a private dinner and reception alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. Here’s your chance to make powerful, lasting connections and chat distraction-free with some of PPC’s greatest!





Creating and maintaining a brand is a trade that does not come without exposure. Put all eyes on your marque and put your brand out there in a creative way. Not only will speaking at Hero Conf be a learning opportunity, but it will also create awareness to the hundreds of PPC practitioners in attendance.





What better way to share the expertise of your agency than on a stage in front of hundreds of engaged and excited PPC pros? You can rest assured these folks are here to learn about the newest innovations in paid search and you’ll have a dedicated opportunity to share what you know. Make connections and engage potential clients.





There is no time better than now to get an audience as excited about quality score as you are. Hero Conf is a riveting platform where you have the control to spark thought-provoking discussions, challenge best practices and create a memorable experience for an enthused audience.





And did we mention you attend for free? Each speaking slot comes alongside a complimentary registration and the opportunity to return on the Hero Conf tour. Speaking at Hero Conf is a great way to access actionable content, pick the minds of digital advertising experts and expand your PPC network all without footing the bill.

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