Change City: Austin London

Why Go?

Why We Are Unique


We think it’s safe to say that Hero Conf is not your typical conference experience. Here’s why:




We don’t just provide a forum to rub elbows with big brands and expert speakers in PPC, we also provide a fun environment to do it in! Our conference includes unique snack breaks and after hours entertainment where you can laugh and learn from your peers in the best way possible.




We pride ourselves on giving you the best learning experience possible. Each session provides new, exciting, unique and actionable tips that you can take back to your job and implement- every year, every event, every session. Plus, we’ve added an Advanced Track for expert-level marketers and Career Growth sessions designed to grow each individual attendee, regardless of their current role.




At Hero Conf, we don’t do boxed lunches. It’s just not our style. We provide full breakfasts, lunches and snacks dashed with a local flair. We have fully catered evening events from world-class local vendors. And believe us when we say, it’s all delicious.




Events are programmed and staffed by Brainlabs team members, so we have a real commitment to the PPC community, the quality of the experience, and the happiness of our attendees.




Hero Conf is just simply different, in a really good way. It’s our goal to be a one-of-a-kind event with experiences you won’t find at typical industry happenings. In previous years, we hosted a Bloody Mary Bar and gave out some awesome swag. You’ll just have to attend to see what happens this year!