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Group Registrations

Why send a team to Hero Conf?

Here at Hero Conf, we always encourage team time, but 2018’s attendees can speak for themselves. 66% of attendees came as at least a pair, if not a team. We had 37% of attendees bring a group of 3+, and over 15% joined the conference with four or more colleagues. Why stop there when you can bring your whole team, which is exactly what two companies did!


Need more reasons to bring your team to Hero Conf? Let us further help.


Receive 10% off each registration when you bring a team of 3 or more.



» For Company Training & Professional Development

Continuous improvement is always the goal, right? Well there is no better place to learn than from the experts themselves. Use the conference time as a way to train rookies or expand your veterans’ knowledge. With a 5:1 attendee to speaker ratio, you and your team are guaranteed to get more questions answered. Encourage employees and colleagues to join you in gaining invaluable insights with actionable takeaways.



» To Cover More Ground

With over 40 breakout sessions offered, one person simply cannot absorb it all (as much as you may want to!). Bringing a team will allow you to divide and conquer Hero Conf London. Prearrange your sessions to ensure no one overlaps then come back to compare and share notes. It will be like you heard it all!



» Because Content is Rich & Conversation is Richer

Of course we pride ourselves in the depth of our content, but applying what you learn is the ultimate goal! After you reconvene from the divide and conquer (see To Cover More Ground), work with your team during a coffee break or the bar takeover to discuss onsite how to implement what you’re learning and engage in the PPC world around you, together!



»To Bond with your Team

Spend some time with your team doing something other than work while you enjoy yourselves at our 5 separate drink receptions & after hour activities! We come to Hero Conf to learn more about the industry we love, but the evenings are reserved for catching your breath. Let loose with your colleagues and get to know one another away from office.



Last year we were thrilled by your enthusiasm to bring your team to Hero Conf, so this year, we’d like to reward you for doing so! Receive 10% off each registration when you bring a team of 3 or more!



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