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What do in-house marketers get out of Hero Conf?

We understand in-house paid media teams can have limited manpower to reach goals and little opportunity for collaboration, but Heroes don’t work alone.


Allow us to bring you into a world where every person in attendance understands your paid ad pains, where conversion on social channels is a typical lunch discussion, and terms like SQR and ETA aren’t a foreign language. Elevate your brand, network like crazy, and market your company shamelessly. Here’s what you can expect as an in-house marketer at Hero Conf.





Sessions geared towards in-house marketers:

Our industry is ever-changing, and so is the content we provide. While we are building the newest agenda, you can expect the same relevant and actionable training.

Paid Search

  • Audience Based Marketing: My Sales Team gave me these lead & prospect lists. Now what the heck do I do with them?
  • Amazon Nerd Alert: How To Build An Ideal Campaign Structure and Optimize Performance
  • Customer Experience, Voice Search and Digital Assistants: How AI is Changing The Way We Engage
  • Google Shopping Campaign Structures: What Ifs and What Nexts

Paid Social

  • The Duopoly (YouTube and Facebook) Video: Growth Strategies
  • Boost Your Bottom Line with Instagram Ads
  • Shhhh! Reddit Is PPC’s Best Kept Secret. Learn How You Can Get In on It.
  • LinkedIn Ads: Advanced Strategies
  • Building A Predictable B2B Growth Engine from Social Ads
  • Keeping It in The Facebook (Platform): How to Build An In-Platform Leads Funnel For Facebook Ads

Multi-channel Strategy

  • Getting the Most out of Google Store Visits: How to Really Go OMNI-Channel
  • People Do Not Live In A Silo so Neither Should Your Digital Strategy
  • Integrated Marketing: How To Achieve A Truly Holistic Approach Across Digital Channels
  • Why Your Attribution Model Sucks. How To Step Beyond Data-Driven Models with A Markov Model Approach
  • Taking Control of Programmatic

Take it from our attendees:

Based on 151 attendee responses, our recent post-conference evaluation speaks volumes.


Every time we have to submit training proposal budgets our whole team always makes sure to list Hero Conf because we find it so helpful and actionable. We Love it. Different from my previous conference experiences, speakers didn’t try to sell their services or spend time talking about their companies. All sessions I attended were full of great content and I really appreciated that.”

– Deniz Menemenci – Director of Marketing | University of Chicago, Graham School