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Call to Speak

Continually challenging the idea of “traditional marketing conference”, Hero Conf is the largest and most comprehensive all-PPC conference series.  With experts and attendees from around the world, Hero Conf offers dynamic opportunities to inform, inspire and shape the industry. From the basics of PPC to the most advanced strategies being used today, we are looking for content that will resonate with digital marketing professionals. The call to speak is rolling, meaning this form will remain open at all times. Please select where you’d like to speak (or select multiple locations, if you are open to more than one). Feel free to submit as many pitches as you’d like on whatever topics you believe you can bring the most dynamic display of expertise.


Why speak at Hero Conf:

  • Free passes: Speakers receive free admission + one complimentary conference pass to share with an industry friend or colleague
  • Private Speakers reception: Begin your time with us at a Speakers-only reception alongside some of the biggest names in the industry.
  • Pre-event tour: Surprises aren’t fun as a session leader. We allow you to get to know our event space and the room where you’ll be speaking before you face attendees.
  • Valuable exposure: Creating and maintaining a brand is a trade that does not come without exposure. Put all eyes on your company and put your brand out there in a creative way.
  • Be a thought-leader: Share your ideas with the movers and the shakers of the PPC world.
  • Networking: Hero Conf grants you access to hundreds of like-minded people. Here’s your chance to make powerful and lasting connections with some of PPC’s greatest!


Some other important tips:

Be specific about your session’s intent and how you will present the content.

Assume we understand the importance of the topic you are pitching, dive right into the details.

Don’t discuss yourself, your company or your product/service in the pitch.  Include all details about yourself in the speaker bio section.

Be actionable. Tell us what all your audience will take home and implement.

Speakers selected to present will be notified directly. Pitches will be reviewed free of identifying information, with preference for relevance, action and innovation. Super Early Bird Pricing will be honored for those not chosen to speak at Hero Conf.