Account Hero Workshop

Who Attends?

We typically host account managers and analysts from a variety of industries, account types, and budget ranges; all walking away with tasks they could filter in to their day-to-day optimizations as soon as they returned from the conference. Representatives joins us from ecommerce and lead generation accounts, with budgets in the 4 digits all the way up to over a million in spend per month! We have no title requirements and welcome any and all who’d like to work through their accounts.

What Will you Cover?

Your day will consist of an introductory group session, followed by two account-specific one-on-one sessions with our experts. The time will be used as you feel best fits your needs, but we will suggest a session on your account specifics and a session on conversion rate optimization.   We want to be sure you leave with the information you think will be most beneficial, which is why we allow you to guide the conversation. But we will provide ideas for topics we think would be good for attendees and facilitator to cover. Those segments included:

  • Company Background & Goals
  • Account Overview (pain points, successes)
  • Networks/Engines with Campaigns
  • Basic Account Settings
  • Account Structure & Keywords
  • Ad Writing & Testing
  • Budget & Bidding Strategy
  • Take Aways & Projections
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Your day ends with another fantastic meal and networking time with other workshop attendees and our experts.

The Experience?

In past years, attendees sat down with PPC Hero team members, in addition to some incredibly well known industry pros; Matt Umbro, Matt Van Wagner, Elizabeth Marsten, Austin Dillman and Shawn Livengood, to name a few! We’ll be carrying on that tradition this year, bringing the bright minds of PPC Hero along with other paid search gurus to match up with our 2018 workshoppers.

What are the Long-Term Benefits?

The PPC Hero team also took the time to check back in with our workshop attendees a couple months after Hero Conf wrapped to see how they were doing. We heard fantastic feedback and found out that most of the workshoppers were having trouble finding time to implement all the ideas they walked away with! In fact, a few made note to point out the price comparison of a typical PPC audit and the workshop. Generally, account audits can cost 2 to 3 times as much as the cost of the Hero Conf registration passes and you get 1-on-1 help for an entire day. The feedback was clear: the workshops are a pivotal final component of the Hero Conf experience! The extra half-day of personalized training will lead you to becoming the ultimate PPC Superhero.