Change City: Austin London

Analytics Workshop

Data analytics is crucial to having a successful paid advertising strategy. If you’re not fully quantifying your efforts, how do you know what’s working and what’s not? Creating and viewing highly-segmented data in a way that makes sense for your company will lead to actionable insights that improve your PPC and business profitability.

Attend our Google Analytics workshop at Hero Conf Austin to expand your knowledge and become more confident at analyzing your PPC efforts.

After this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Set up meaningful macro & micro goals
  • Create custom reports to view KPIs that matter
  • Interpret the multi-channel customer journey
  • Use automation to make informed business decisions faster
  • Understand event tracking options & reporting
  • Create advanced audience lists to import to Google Ads
  • Build saved reports & dashboards to save time

Workshop Agenda

Your workshop will be comprised of three parts – analysis, structure & tracking strategy, and reporting. Topics we’ll cover include:


  • What are they and how to use custom segments, metrics, and dimensions
  • Identifying affinity and in-market audiences for paid targeting
  • Building advanced remarketing audience lists

Structure & Tracking Strategy

  • Creating macro vs. micro goals
  • Establishing an external UTM tagging strategy
  • Setting up cross-domain tracking and view level filters


  • Building custom dashboards
  • Options for event tracking and when to use them
  • Reporting on events
  • Establishing enhanced ecommerce settings
  • Utilizing assisted conversions, top conversion paths, and time lag reports

About Your Workshop Lead

Briana Ogle

Sr Growth Marketing Coordinator

Briana has been with Hanapin Marketing for over 3+ years. She is a growth marketer, specializing in the analytical and technical sectors. Prior to moving into growth, Briana worked as a PPC account manager and analyst. She loves data, testing, tracking, and paid advertising.