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CRO Workshop

Think about your favorite websites (or if you don’t have favorites, just think about some of the better ones you’ve seen). Now, think about why you chose them or what made some pop into your head over others. Was it the content? Layouts? Imagery? Colors? It could be a plethora of things of course.

Hero Conf’s CRO Workshop will provide you research, analysis, and testing strategies aimed to positively impact user experiences like the ones you just recalled.

After this workshops, attendees will have:

  • The ability to pitch the importance of CRO to your boss or client
  • Knowledge on how to setup an A/B test?
  • A landing page, with URL to take back to their team

Workshop Agenda

Your workshop will be comprised of three parts – land page designs, tools/research/analysis, and how to pitch CRO. Cover topics like:

Landing Page Design

  • How to use the persuasion pyramid to analyze landing pages
  • How to design a page using best practices
  • How to use a landing page builder to create dedicated landing pages

Tools, Research & Analysis

  • How to set up an A/B test using VWO
  • How to create and structure set of tasks for usertesting to identify areas of friction
  • How to use user behavior analysis tools to identify testing opportunities

Pitching CRO

  • What current oppositions the group is facing regarding CRO
  • How to convince your boss or team to invest in CRO

About Your Workshop Lead

Samantha Kerr

Sr CRO Manager

Sam joined Hanapin Marketing as a Production Specialist. With an Informatics degree and a passion for web design, she was quickly drawn to Conversion Rate Optimization. Now a CRO Manager, Samantha focuses on user experience and behavior in order to accurately optimize and test landing pages.