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Google Ads: a look ahead

Change is a constant in digital advertising, but this year’s AI advancements and privacy and regulatory updates put 2024 in a realm of its own.

In this talk, Ginny will discuss how these fundamental shifts have — and continue to — inform Google Ads product updates and how advertisers can position themselves for success in the year ahead.

Ginny Marvin


Unlocking the Full Potential of AI in Paid Media Campaigns

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital advertising, striking the right balance between creativity and strategic insight is paramount. This session dives deep into the integration of AI in paid media campaigns. Discover how AI is not just a tool but a game changer that can significantly enhance the efficiency and creativity of your advertising efforts. After this session, you’ll be able to:

1. Crafting Effective AI-Generated Prompts: Gain insights into writing powerful AI prompts that maximize the creative potential of generative AI technologies, transforming how campaigns are conceptualized and executed.

2. Strategic Design of AI-Driven Creatives: Learn how to use AI to create ad content that is not only compelling but also perfectly aligned with the customer journey, enhancing relevance and engagement.

3. Optimizing Campaign Performance with AI: Explore methods to leverage AI for real-time campaign optimizations, driving better outcomes through data-driven decisions and predictive analytics.

Prashant Puri

AI Holistic Search: Future-proofing your Paid & Organic SERP

Join Jeremy Hull, Chief Product Officer, Brainlabs North America and Travis Tallent, VP SEO, Brainlabs for an entertaining and engaging conversation as they take a futuristic look into the world of AI Holistic Search.

They will share their insights on how AI search experiences will integrate ads, PMAX will continue to be more dynamic, and how we can all utilize SEO data to enhance paid strategy.

Jeremy Hull

Brainlabs Digital

Travis Tallent

Brainlabs Digital

Step out of the “stop-start cycle” for good and finally run profitable campaigns

In this talk, Aashna will speak about the RIGHT WAY to run Meta Ads – as in the end it’s not about spending more, it’s about spending smarter.

Aashna Makin


Advanced LinkedIn Ads

AJ will teach you the five pitfalls that every LinkedIn advertiser falls into, along with how to get the lowest pricing from LinkedIn’s auction EVERY time.

You’ll learn about the ideal account structure for easy management & reporting, plus so much more.

AJ Wilcox


AI-Powered Meta ads: taking performance to new heights

Akvile will share insights and strategies on how brands can utilize AI-driven tools and techniques to create more effective, engaging, and high-converting Meta Ads and increase their account management efficiency.

By leveraging cutting-edge algorithms, platform features, and data analysis, attendees will learn how to maximize their ad spend and optimize the customer journey with data-driven decision-making.

Akvile DeFazio


Ad Copy - Humans vs AI

Join us as we tally the scores of the head-to-head match between AI and human copywriters in the Title bout that could end society as we know it.


Has AI copy advanced in skill enough to outdo human capabilities?


See the outcome in this first-ever Pay-Per-View-Pay-Per-Click Title Copy Match.

Ameet Khabra

Hop Skip Media

Audience-first differentiation: paid search messaging that matters to your market

In the competitive world of paid search advertising, it’s a challenge to stand out. Ads face tight character constraints and often blend into a sea of similar offerings. Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) exponentially complicate control over messaging.


In this session Amy will teach you:

  • how to make your paid search ads not just different, but distinctly effective
  • how to get clear on your target audience (even if nobody gave you a brief)
  • how to affirm audience specific needs and desires within all the constraints of a Google text ad.


You’ll walk away with the exact process to take your ads from generic to magnetic.

Amy Hebdon

Paid Search Magic

Apple Search Ads: past, present & future

Launched in 2016, Apple Search Ads is still an “underdog platform” so advertisers still have a huge chance to be competitive.


With an approximate iOS market share of 62.13% in the US, there is massive opportunity for growth on this platform.


  • Anya will go through the current state of Apple Search Ads, talking about strengths and limitations.
  • She’ll also present case studies on targeting options, campaign strategy, and results to expect from this platform.
  • Additionally, she will discuss what we can expect for the future of Apple Search Ads.

Anya Gildner


Google Local Services Ads: everything we have learned in 3 years of running these for clients

In this talk Anthony will discuss everything he has learned in the three years he has run Google Local Services Ads for clients of his agency.

He will discuss how to maximize performance, pitfalls to avoid, creative strategies and hidden gems and will show some case studies across different accounts and verticals.

Anthony Higman


How to infuse AI to uplevel PPC performance

In today’s dynamic digital marketing landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires embracing cutting-edge technologies.

AI is rapidly reshaping the world of PPC advertising, offering marketers unprecedented opportunities to optimize campaigns, increase ROI, and reach their target audience more effectively than ever before.

In this session, Brooke will delve into the ways AI is revolutionizing every aspect of PPC campaigns, including:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of AI and machine learning in PPC
  • Harnessing AI for audience segmentation and targeting precision
  • Practical tips and tools to implement AI in your PPC strategies effectively

Brooke Osmundson

Smith Micro Software

Evolving screens: YouTube's advertising journey from landscape to tv and shorts

In this talk, Cory will explore the evolution of YouTube’s video formats, from its traditional skippable landscape orientation to the introduction of vertical shorts and TV-compatible content.


He will delve into how YouTube has adapted its platform to cater to the diverse viewing preferences of its global audience, accommodating various devices and consumption habits.


Cory will analyze the impact of these changes on advertisers, and viewers alike, providing insights into the strategies behind YouTube’s advertising continued growth in the digital video space.


Through this presentation, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the significance of video format diversity in the era of multi-device, multi-platform media consumption.

Cory Henke

Variable Media

Google Display Network to drive conversions

Join Damon as he dives into some proven strategies to help turn Google Display Network into a conversion machine!


From advanced audience targeting strategies, to learning how GDN can amplify Search wins, there’s something for everyone in this session on GDN.

Damon Gochneaur

Boathouse Agency Inc

Performance Max: how to 2x your ROAS

Duane is going to show you the process his team uses to scale clients with Performance Max.

We are going to focus on our shopping feed, where 80% of the work should be done. The difference between a good shopping feed and a great shopping feed, can make or break your ROAS.


This talk will cover the following:

  • Build a shopping feed that works for Google’s AI and tech
  • Understand why SKU optimization is the easier way to scale revenue
  • Tips on using automation and optional attributes to make your brand more profitable

Duane Brown

Take Some Risk Inc.

Making performance media real for outside teams

In this talk, performance media professionals will hear different strategies for making metrics and results that excite us real for other teams.


Before we get into ROAS, MER, and our favourite acronyms, we need to make it real for our partners, clients, and other experts.

Find their why, and build the conversation from there.

Julia Vyse

iProspect Canada, a dentsu company

Using compound marketing strategies in SEO and SEM

Kevin Lee will discuss the applications of compound marketing bridge across SEM, paid media and even SEO delivering improved ROI to every marketing channel.

Kevin will delve into how ad optimization and listings optimization combine with CRO, Conversion Value Optimization and LTV maximization to deliver amazing results.

Kevin Lee

eMarketing Association

Level up your PMax campaigns in 20 minutes

Let’s face it. Even though Performance Max campaigns in Google are supposed to be more user-friendly, they can actually be pretty confusing as well!


In this session, Kirk Williams, owner of ZATO PPC Marketing, will share practical tips for how to set up and organize PMax for success, and then how to optimize it as well.


Let’s ditch the high level basics and get right to the meat of money-producing ideas!

Kirk Williams


The data-informed PPC account structure

Sam will speak about optimizing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategies by leveraging data-driven insights to enhance the overall account structure.

Sam will cover the importance of organizing campaigns, ad groups, and keywords based on relevant data metrics such as user behavior, demographics, and performance analytics.

His presentation will dive into the significance of utilizing data to identify high-performing keywords, refine targeting parameters, and allocating budget effectively.

Sam’s presentation will emphasize the integration of data insights into the PPC account structure to empower advertisers to make informed decisions, enhance campaign efficiency, and achieve better ROI in digital advertising efforts.

Sam Tomlinson


Guiding dialog: strategic conversations in paid search

Sarah’s session will delve into the essentials of strategic paid search discussions with marketing teams and brands.

Recognizing the growing demand for strategy-focused conversations, attendees will learn to tailor their paid search conversations to better align with overarching business objectives.

From interpreting marketing briefs to building campaigns and delivering reports, Sarah will lead you through the key client touch-points that provide an opportunity for strategic alignment.

The focus of the talk will be on actionable takeaways, such as setting realistic expectations, creating impactful reports, and engaging in effective client communication.

Sarah Stemen

Sarah Stemen, LLC

The 3 paid media things people are doing wrong & how to fix it

Susan will distill the three biggest issues she’s seeing in auditing millions of dollars in paid media.

Learn what to start doing and stop doing in the current state of ad platforms.

Susan Wenograd