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Paid Social Workshop

As a digital marketer, harnessing the power of paid social campaigns – and measuring the results – is critical. You’re likely pressed by questions like, “What am I going to get from this?” or, “How much more revenue (or conversion volume) is this initiative going to provide?” The list goes on.

Hero Conf’s Paid Social Workshop is aimed to help you answer questions like this and provide you the tools to get there.

Workshop Agenda

Hosted at Facebook’s local HQ, your workshop will be comprised of three parts – research, tools, and strategy/execution. Answer questions like:


  • How to decide whether a given social ads platform is a fit for your business
  • How to forecast audience size/reach & spend/traffic/conversion potential
  • How to pitch a new social ads platform or strategy to get buy-in from leadership

Facebook Tools

  • How to set up pixel events (beyond Page View & Conversion)
  • How to create Facebook dynamic ads
  • How to setup and use Facebook Attribution

Strategy + Execution

  • How to use cross-channel remarketing to increase efficiency
  • How to use Facebook Test & Learn to prove the value of your social ads

About Your Workshop Leads

Bahador Jamshidi is a Paid Social Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing, with a passion for social analytics, attribution and funnel design. During the span of his digital marketing career, he worked for a bank, several technology firms and a nationwide local business directory company and has managed millions of dollars of ad spend in social campaigns. When not geeking out about paid social and analytics, he practices violin, learns to mix music and reads board game reviews.

Aaron Childs is a Senior Social Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing. Over the 3.5 years working at Hanapin, he began his career working in search advertising and has since moved on to specialize in social advertising. He has experience across a wide range of industries but has a focus in ecommerce and travel. When not at work he can be found working out, cheering on his favorite basketball and soccer teams, or engaging in super cool things like anime/manga/video games.