8 Good Reasons To Bid On Your Pure Brand Keywords

There are palatable reasons you may want to bid on your pure brand PPC keywords. I'll explain why in this post.

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The One Metric We All Should Be Using in Our…

Using impression share when changing bids is extremely important and average position does not take impression share into account. Use the impression metric.

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Service Provider Problems? 4 Areas To Consider Before Firing Them

When working with tools, there are times that these costars become more of a thorn in my side than the benevolent assistants I need. When does it become time to make a change?

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New Whitepaper! How To Determine The Right Attribution Model For…
- In this whitepaper, we will cover the basics and help you determine which model is right for you.
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Hero Conf London: 4 Days Left to Save!
- PPC Heroes, time is running thin to register at discounted rates for our inaugural international event.
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Tips For Passing Google’s Mobile Certification Exam

There are a few things that you’ll need to know to successfully pass the AdWords mobile certification exam. Read on for my tips!

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Dissecting PPC Agency Pricing Models, Part 3 of 3

Check out the third and final installment in my dissecting PPC agency pricing models series.

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5 Vital Skills Every Leader Needs

In the field of digital marketing, there are many attributes that combine to make a great leader. Read on for my top five.

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The Case for YouTube Advertising

YouTube provides an enormous opportunity to gain brand exposure. We’re an on demand generation where television consumption is down and digital is rising.

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Hanapin Marketing

Meet Hanapin, the Heroes behind PPC Hero

Did you know that PPC Hero is written by the digital advertising experts at Hanapin Marketing? We offer audits, retainers, and full-time account management for both in-house and agency teams. Contact us today to learn how we can work together!

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PPC Heroes And Heroines Unite – We’re Looking For You!

We’re looking for some of the brightest minds in PPC to add to our already vibrant team of PPC Heroes and Heroines!

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Proud member of #PPCCHAT
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PPC Hero is a proud member of #PPCChat

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PPC & Local Service Area Businesses – A Perfect Fit

Used effectively, local service area businesses can garner great results from PPC. Read on for my top strategies.

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Shopping Promotional Text Being Retired For Automated Extensions

This week, Google AdWords rolled out new automated extensions for shopping ads (PLAs). This improvement came after Google noticed many advertisers were using promotional text to highlight special offers or free shipping.

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