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Image of Hanapin Marketing's PPC HeroWe at Hanapin Marketing are always reading. We want to be the very best at what we do, and accomplishing that means keeping up with numerous search engine marketing blogs and news–but we quickly realized there was a lack of truly great digital advertising content, specifically about PPC ad management. Most of the industry blogs focus on SEO, but only touch on PPC.

Being the responsible citizens that we are, we launched PPC Hero to combat the many woes (and foes) of online advertising! And of course, we didn’t want to add another vanilla SEM blog to the blogosphere. We’re all geeks at heart here at Hanapin, so we chose a cheeky superhero theme. The idea? That we’re helping our readers become PPC Heroes themselves.

Our goal: To educate the world on the finer skills and basic techniques of successful pay per click management. To make learning about PPC and getting better at your job not only easy, but fun and entertaining. We meet this challenge with helpful strategies developed by Hanapin Marketing’s team of expert-level account managers, website and landing page reviews, PPC case studies, and related news updates. It is our hope that amidst this array of information, rookies and veterans alike will find a useful (and fun) resource to help them navigate the world of PPC.

PPC Hero Management

As we’ve mentioned, PPC Hero is written and managed by the brilliant digital marketing team at Hanapin Marketing, so we would be doing a disservice if we didn’t mention that you could hire us to manage your account day-to-day. We offer a variety of customized services, including PPC account audits and retainers in addition to daily management. If you’re interested in having a PPC Hero manage or help with your account, contact us today, or visit www.HanapinMarketing.com/solutions/ to learn more.

PPC Hero Allies

PPC Hero has a great team of allies who help educate the world on all things PPC. If you’d like to become a PPC Hero Ally and contribute to our blog, please contact us at ppchero@hanapinmarketing.com.

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One thought on “About PPC Hero

  1. Steve Squier

    Here’s a question you should be asking yourself about your PPC: Are the correct negatives being added to your account based on empirical analysis, and are precautions being made to make sure these negatives do not conflict with active keywords? As in, are you blocking the bad traffic with negative keywords based on real data? If not, consider what that’s probably costing you in wasted ad spend. Just note that you don’t want to throw in just any variation of keywords into the negative space because you don’t want to create conflicts with the good working keywords. I had Simon help me out with this before. I’m sure he’d be willing to talk to you too if you just give him a ring at 325-446-1507 and tell him you need some help with your PPC campaigns.


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