Add It To The List - Structured Snippets Now Available In Bing

By Emma Franks | @akaEmmaLouise | Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Structured Snippet extensions can be added to the list of changes that Bing is making to more closely match the ad features offered in AdWords. Other recent additions to the list include a Period Comparison feature, Callout and Review extensions, Expanded Text Ads, and upgraded Final URLs. Structured Snippets are currently available to all Bing advertisers in the US, with international support already being rolled out.


For those not yet utilizing Structured Snippets, these extensions provide another way to showcase specific features of your product or service. In Bing, advertisers can choose from 13 different headers, and list three to ten related values (“snippets”) beneath. Bing will automatically adjust the number of snippets displayed, according to character count and screen size.


Structured Snippets can be viewed and created from the Ad Extensions tab in the Bing Ads interface
Structured Snippets can be viewed and created from the Ad Extensions tab in the Bing Ads interface


According to a Bing Ads Help page, for ad groups and campaigns with both Callout and Structured Snippet extensions associated, Callout Extensions will be prioritized on ad delivery but the two will show simultaneously. Similar to Callouts, Structured Snippets are not clickable and language should differ from that used in the standard ad copy, per Bing’s advertising policies.


Examples of Structured Snippets from Bing Ads
Examples of Structured Snippets from Bing Ads


While Structured Snippet extensions are a great way to increase ad real estate and quickly draw attention to key product offerings, they provide less freedom than other extension types, due to the limited scope of the prescribed headings. However, with careful crafting, they can be used effectively to highlight benefits without stealing characters from your description line. Each campaign or ad group can accommodate up to 20 Structured Snippet extensions, so advertisers should test a variety of heading and value combinations to identify which resonate most with target audiences and potential converters.

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