7 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About PPC Ad Extensions

    1. Sam OwenSam Owen

      Thanks Joey. I really recommend Unbounce, it’s great for getting new landing pages up with minimal IT hassle.

  1. Zach Shearer

    Thanks for the article. Has anyone successfully used a Google Trusted Store review in a review extension? I would assume that this wouldn’t count a reputable 3rd party source as it is a customer submitting the information, just as it would be with Amazon.

  2. Krystian

    Damn it. PPC Hero is a bible in terms of Adwords management.

    I’m wondering if testing to many sietlinks actually can decrease the CTR of ads? Personally I tried to update my sitelink database via Adwords Editor shared library and I noticed a significant decrease in CTRs (of course I’m aware, that previous ones already had some ad rank statistics).


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