• The Local Seth

    Good stuff

    • Sam Owen

      Thanks Seth!

  • Joey Davidson

    Good article. Very thorough. Thanks for the suggestion on Unbounce.

    • Sam Owen

      Thanks Joey. I really recommend Unbounce, it’s great for getting new landing pages up with minimal IT hassle.

  • Zach Shearer

    Thanks for the article. Has anyone successfully used a Google Trusted Store review in a review extension? I would assume that this wouldn’t count a reputable 3rd party source as it is a customer submitting the information, just as it would be with Amazon.

    • Sam Owen

      Hi Zach, it’s a good question, particularly as my knowledge of using it is second hand. I’ve been told when review extensions first came out you could get away with linking to your verified store page (like this one: https://www.google.com/trustedstores/verify?gl=US&hl=en-US&id=533401&sid=15972) and using the things Google says about you like “Reliable on-time shipping”

  • Krystian

    Damn it. PPC Hero is a bible in terms of Adwords management.

    I’m wondering if testing to many sietlinks actually can decrease the CTR of ads? Personally I tried to update my sitelink database via Adwords Editor shared library and I noticed a significant decrease in CTRs (of course I’m aware, that previous ones already had some ad rank statistics).