Find New Opportunties and Lower Your CPA with a Simple Heat Map

By , Senior Account Analyst at Hanapin Marketing


Heat maps are a great tool for data exploration and analysis. A good heat map effectively utilizes a color scale to impart information on how a range of values compare to one another. Rather than having a large table packed full of numbers, why not make it easier to read by coding the values by color?


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  • Sam

    I thought I new Adwords – then I found your blog!!! Brilliant post! Any chance you could provide a link explaining how to set up a pivot table?

  • Peter

    Hi Jacob – great idea using the heatmap, I already pull this data but this makes it so much easier to actually analyse the trends.

    One question I have is that I don’t seem to be able to have “hour of day” and “day of week” segmented at the same time when downloading a campaign report, I only seem to be able to do one or the other. Is there something I’m missing?


    • Jacob Fairclough

      No worries it isn’t super clear in the interface. When you are downloading a report and you have the option to create a segment; select your first choice, hour or day. Look directly below the drop down box and you should see a blue link with “+ Add Segment”. This will bring up another drop down to select additional segments.

      I don’t know what the max number is but you can use that method to include device type and network as well. That way you can create any table you want from a single report.

  • Jacob Fairclough

    It looks to be a form extension, which helps offer a better landing page based on what the searcher is looking for. In this case, local properties.

    It is currently in beta and the information on the web is a little scattered.

    This post from the AdWords forum includes a screenshot of an e-mail describing the extension.

  • Sander

    Hi Jacob – great post. I am also using this kind of heatmaps to outline some strenghts and weaknesses and also before i start adjusting bids on a daily and or hourly basis.

    One more thing I always do is, well, depending on the data u have is that I check what should be the lowest amount of conversions a campaign should have. what I mean is that a conversion produced during night times at a verly low level of costs could somehow ruin all the data u have.

    So what I do is filtering the conversions so I can make somewhat more precise decissions. But then u have to exclude these cells out of your heatmap.

  • sandy

    Hey Jacob – This is really great. I did not know about this heat map. Worst – i used to do the color combination manually. thank you for putting this together.

  • Ron

    Thanks for your post!
    Few questions:
    1. how to implement it at Adwords? Is there an option for a different bid for different hours/Days?
    2. is it right to play with the CPA bid, since it’s so sensitive parameter?