Get a Grasp Of AdWord Scripts – A Quick Explanation and Example

By , Senior Account Analyst at Hanapin Marketing


Scripts are something that many account managers ask about but can’t find enough information on. This video will give you a quick overview of a basic script as well as how it functions. While it won’t turn you into a coding master after one view (probably not a million either) viewers will find a clean and plain English way to think about scripts and can begin testing things themselves.

Leave a comment with any questions or suggestions. Enjoy!


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5 thoughts on “Get a Grasp Of AdWord Scripts – A Quick Explanation and Example

  1. Tyler Miller

    Just started using scripts this week. I now have it set up so the weekly report I’ve been downloading and reformatting each week will be in my inbox properly formatted when I get to work on Monday. Scripts I think will especially work great for very formulaic bidding adjustments. (i.e. if Cost/Conversion is x bring the bid up or down by y).

    Hope you guys do more on scripts. Outside the Google documentation there aren’t that many good resources on the topic.

    1. Jacob FaircloughJacob Fairclough

      Hi Tyler. Thanks for watching. I’m glad to hear you took up the quest. It can be a little daunting at first but there is nothing like the feeling you get once your script is running correctly.

      Scripting is pretty powerful but I’ve found the simple things like bidding rules and formatted reports to consistently be the most useful. The next thing on my plate it working with the new(ish) Google chart app.

      We do have more content planned so check back. Sorry I don’t have any AdWords specific resources but there is a ton of general JavaScript material out there. If you need any suggestions let me know.

  2. developingtheweb

    Adwords scripts save a hell of a lot of time when managing different aspects of Adwords accounts, I use several different scripts daily depending on the types of accounts (ecommerce, lead gen etc) most of which sync in to Google spreadsheets which is a massive time saver. You are right in saying there is not a great deal of resources online at the moment for them, especially for PPC managers who are not javascript savvy.

    I have posted one of the scripts that I use online that collects daily campaign data and splits the campaigns into separate tabs in a Google docs spreadsheet.


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