2 thoughts on “Looking For More Revenue? 7 Ways To Profitably Expand PPC Reach

  1. Ben

    A few questions:
    1. For google search:Dynamic search ads are just for ecommerce clients correct?
    2. For google display: Custom affinity targeting is essentially interest based targeting correct?
    3. For facebook: Targeting users based on their email addresses is in fact custom audience targeting correct?

    1. Cassie OumedianCass_Oumedian

      Hi Ben,
      1. Dynamic Search ads can really be used
      for any type of client. They allow for search expansion based off the content
      of your site. I think you might be thinking about Dynamic Remarketing? Which
      would be primarily for eComm accounts.
      2. Custom Affinity targeting is located under
      interest & remarketing targeting however, with the “Custom Affinity” you
      have more control because you are able to select the most relevant placements
      and Google builds an audience of similar interests based on those specific
      3. Facebook campaigns targeting a list of specific email/phone
      would be custom audience targeting.

      Hope this helped answer your questions. Thanks for reading!


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