[New Infographic!] What America’s Fastest Growing Companies Spend in Google AdWords

By , Communications Manager at Hanapin Marketing


The PPC industry is always growing, expanding and changing. And this year, it was no different. We thought it would be interesting to take a look at Inc Magazine’s list of the 5000 fastest growing companies in America and see how they spend their PPC dollars.

So we partnered with SEM Rush to create the infographic below, which details how these Inc 5000 companies use the fastest growing ad medium to scale up their businesses and turbocharge their results.

We’ve got a beautiful infographic below, but we thought it would be pretty valuable to provide a well-laid out excel document with these results as well. Scroll to the bottom of this post to download the data.

Now, see who leads the pack in spend!


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6 thoughts on “[New Infographic!] What America’s Fastest Growing Companies Spend in Google AdWords

  1. Brian Broadbent

    Come on Hanapin. You guys should be better than this. Ask yourselves a simple question. Can SEM Rush accurately predict any of your accounts PPC spend? If so, then that account manager should be fired. I applaud their effort, but they haven’t come a country mile within predicting my spend or my keywords. Like off by a factor of 50x-100x.

    Brightway Insurance spending $16,000 on PPC. Lol.

  2. Kevin McKenzie

    Brian has a point – SEMRush is a great tool with accurate readouts for competitor ad history or to determine whether or not a competitor is bidding on a given keyword. It is not accurate in determining monthly spend – at all. Test your accounts if you are curious, the error rate is stupendous and unpredictable.

  3. Jordon Meyer

    These numbers are SO far off. It’s not even accurate in a relative sense. Why don’t you guys look at SEMrush for every single one of your clients, then compare the real spend to what SEMrush reports…and tell us the accuracy percentage. That would be a fun exercise.

  4. MixStrix

    Brian and Kevin have discovered the double-edged sword that is both the joy and the challenge when using trending data. 1) Based on observed ad impressions for popular keywords, budgets are algorithmically projected, using the best and latest formulae to get as close to accurate as practical. 2) The budget data about competitors, or even entire industries, provides insight that is rarely, if ever, available otherwise. May I add, the point is not to focus on the dollar-by-dollar level, but the trends over time, the flux across sectors, and to look at your competitors in a new, if imperfect, light. Full disclosure: SEMrush U.S. Marketing Director.


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