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Share Your Opinion On Quality Score And Win A Foodzie Tasting Box!

There’s nothing PPC Hero loves more than Quality Score and free food. That’s why we’ve decided to combine the two with our new AdWords Quality Score Factors survey. PPC Hero conducted a similar survey back in 2007, the same year …

PPC Pitfalls For Beginners, Part II

This is the second of a 2-part blog post highlighting some common pitfalls you want to avoid when getting started with paid search. The first installment took a look at loose account structure, aggressive keyword bidding and poor ad copy. …

Keywords Make Their Display Network Comeback!

Some of the greatest game changers have been because of a bad call or a change in the rules. Fortunately for us PPC Managers, Google gave us a game changer yesterday! Read on to see how this affects your Display Network settings and if you want a good baseball reference!

AdWords CPA Bidding Basics and Best Practices

The topic for this blog post came directly from one of our readers! Thanks to Dan McMillan who wrote in wanting to know more about CPA Bidding and best practices for implementing it in his account. Well we at PPC Hero write for you, our readers, so read on to learn more about CPA bidding basics as well as best practices to follow when trying it out in your account.

Tablet Targeting Now Available in Google AdWords

Back in May, Google announced they would soon be rolling out targeting options that would allow account managers to specifically target tablets. Some of you may have had limited access to these targeting options during testing, but as of today those options are available for all AdWords users! Keep reading to learn about the new targeting feature and how it could help your account performance!

Ticker Tuesday: 3 Ways To Apply SEO Fundamentals To PPC

Part of why I love being a search marketer is that there is such a thriving culture, whether you interact with your fellow SEMers online, at conferences, or even at your local bar.  But one thing that has always surprised …

+1 Problems & Preparing for +1 Targeting

This blog serves to help users understand how +1′s are attributed and how they should utilize them to boost PPC and SEO. The post is especially helpful if you have several landing pages, as +1′s are counted individually for each URL.

Microsoft adCenter Radius Targeting is a GO!

Microsoft has been releasing updates for weeks regarding upcoming mobile advertising upgrades to their adCenter interface, and one of them has finally launched! Keep reading to find out which one and how you can use this new feature to boost your PPC performance!

Case Study: Writing Effective Sales Ads

In my experience with PPC, I’ve always had great performance outcomes from running sales ads. They typically outperformed generic product or DKI ads, but I had never tested different elements within sales ads themselves. When one of my clients was running a Spring sale, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to dig deeper and find out what makes a great sales ad.

Our Greatest Hits for June 2011

The page views have spoken! Below we have gathered PPC Hero’s and SEO Boy’s most visited, and hopefully most valuable articles from June. Whether you’re a new or long-time subscriber, you may have missed these insightful and helpful PPC and SEO management tips. Enjoy!