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10 Reasons You Will Save Time and Money with DoubleClick…

DoubleClick Search (DS3) is a powerful bid management tool. The platform will save you time and money, as it promotes integrated channel management.

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Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Advertising – New…

The options available for Facebook Advertising can be overwhelming, but knowledge is the key to success. When advertising in the Facebook interface, there are six targeting options, four different types …

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Mobile PPC Advertising When You Don’t Have A Mobile Website

AdWords allows you to simply remove the option for users to click to your website from mobile pay per click ads, and enable only one option: to call.

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How to Communicate With Your PPC Agency

Client/agency communication is a two-way street & both need to be active & engaged to be successful. How can you, as the client, contribute?

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Morning Clicks: Today’s Best Marketers, Brad Pitt, iPhones, and more.

Morning Clicks is your mid-week roundup of digital advertising news and notes. We're your one-stop shop for the most relevant and important news in the PPC world. Grab your cup of joe and come see us every Wednesday morning.

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New Device Targeting in Bing Ads Starts Now

Today is the day that desktops and tablets are combined into one device targeting selection as it is in Google AdWords.

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Hero Pro AdWords Scripts - Monthly Projections, Converting Keywords
The New Features In Google Shopping Scripts

Shopping groups are not complicated but they aren’t always straightforward to manage and monitor either. Thankfully we have scripts to the rescue!

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Selling PPC: Stop Pushing, Start Listening

Do you focus too much on pushing information when trying to sell PPC to potential clients or employers? Try to focus instead on this more important aspect.

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Put AdWords In Its Place – Scripts for Changes in…

You don’t have time to fumble through filters in excel pivot tables and your client (or boss) needed to know performance data 10 minutes ago. With these two Hero Pro scripts …

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Hanapin Marketing

Meet Hanapin, the Heroes behind PPC Hero

Did you know that PPC Hero is written by the digital advertising experts at Hanapin Marketing? We offer audits, retainers, and full-time account management for both in-house and agency teams. Contact us today to learn how we can work together!

Best eCommerce Experts In PPC

PPC Hero loves lists. And if you’ve been with us long enough, you’ll know that we release a Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts  list every year and this year, …

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PPC Hero is a proud member of #PPCChat

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Who’s Managing Your PPC? Pros and Con’s of In-House and…

There are three ways to manage PPC programs - each with its own set of strategies and tactics as well as pros and cons.

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Simplify Ad Testing and Stretch Your PPC Budget with Ad…

Hero Pro's Ad Automator allows you to test all your ad groups painlessly and gain valuable insights to make the right decisions.

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