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Our Greatest Hits for April 2011

The page views have spoken! Below we have gathered PPC Hero’s and SEO Boy’s most visited, and hopefully most valuable, articles from April. Whether you’re a new or long-time subscriber, you may have missed these insightful and helpful PPC and SEO management tips. Enjoy!

May the Fourth be with You

PPC Hero and SEO Boy are ready for a Star Wars party! I can hear PPC Hero’s introduction now: “I am C-3PPC Hero, Google-human relations. And this is my counterpart, SEO-D2.” Have fun celebrating, Star Wars fans!

Letter from the CEO – It’s alive! It’s alive!

It’s been two months since increasing our investment in our blogs, and we’re already seeing big dividends! Page views and visits are up 10% each on PPC Hero and SEO Boy. Bounce rates on both have decreased 2% and average …

Ticker Tuesday: Making Good PPC Accounts Great

Do you think you have an okay PPC account? Chances are, it could be better. In this episode of Ticker Tuesday, we’ll give you 4 tips that will help clean up your account and get it ready for the pay-per-click …

News Update: Remarketing—H is for Home Run!

Google’s own Aitan Weinberg, product manager for AdWords remarketing, has released a post on the Inside AdWords blog announcing that a year after rolling out the feature, remarketing has hit it out of the park! For those of you who …

Secrets to Paid Search Success

Today we have a guest post from one of our PPC Hero allies! Ken Robbins is the President and Founder of Response Mine Interactive, an online marketing company dedicated to the idea that data and testing should drive marketing decisions and media optimization. In his post, Mr. Robbins shares some of his secrets to PPC success.

News Update: Google AdWords Call Metrics Charging For Calls

If you’re using call metrics in your Google AdWords campaigns, you should be aware that Google will begin charging you $1 when someone manually dials the number displayed with your ad. There is no charge, however, on clicks from users …

Our Guide To Google Analytics IQ Testing: Regular Expression (Regex) Character Guide

Regex can be a lot to take in but when it’s broken out in simplified form, it’s not half as bad as its reputation would lead you to believe. (I hope you’ll agree!) The regex portion of the series will serve to help you through the questions on the test centered around regular expression. Regex is a pretty handy knowledge set to maintain, even if you aren’t worried about taking the test. In this post, we’ll cover the different functions of each regular expression character, along with examples.

Our Guide To Google Analytics IQ Testing: Event Tracking & Virtual Pageviews

Event tracking can give you lots of power. Experienced online marketers understand that the more data you have about what’s going on in your accounts/on your site the more decision-making power you obtain. So if you have site elements that can’t be tracked with standard Analytics goal tracking, you should consider event tracking as a means to gather data about how people are interacting with them and the value you’re receiving from them. Examples of these elements include:

Any Flash-driven element, like a Flash website, or a Flash Movie player
Embedded AJAX page elements
Page gadgets
File downloads
Load times for data

News Update: Google’s Instant Preview Comes to the Ad World

Google’s own Inside AdWords blog announced yesterday afternoon that the ever-expanding world of their Instant Preview feature has finally made it’s way to advertising. Their news release explains that the Instant Preview feature for ads works in the same way …