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8 PPC Experts Share Secrets For Optimizing Your PPC Campaigns…

I reached out to eight PPC marketers and asked what they were surprised to learn about their mobile users – and how they adapted their campaigns accordingly.

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Utilize And Test Holiday Ad Copy

Since users respond to holiday promotional items in various ways, it is critical that your ad copy not only reflect these deals, but also test them.

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Now Seeking: A More Representative Speaker Slate

One of the greatest things about Hero Conf is the opportunity to spend three days with colleagues and peers discovering what’s new and forthcoming in the world of PPC. Those …

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Harmony, Intent & Facebook Landing Pages

Facebook landing pages for ads are just as important, if not more, than AdWords or Bing.

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Introducing the Stockton Report: Find Keywords with Hidden Value

It’s unlikely that John Stockton has ever heard of PPC Marketing, but if he had, rest-assured, the following would be his favorite report.

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Knockout PPC for 2015

PPC Shopping Mall
Google AdWords Puts Focus on Shopping Campaigns

As we move closer to the Holiday season, Google continues to come out with features to help eCommerce advertisers during their busiest time of the year.

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Two Hero Conf Events, One Unbeatable Price!

There is nothing better than the opportunity to join your PPC peers for one-of-a-kind learning opportunities. And now we’re giving you the chance to attend our next two events, at an …

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Hero Pro
The Easiest Way To Protect Your Campaigns From Wasted Spend

Hero Pro's Ad Guardian does something you simply don't have time to do. It constantly monitors your website for downtime and pauses ads when your site goes down.

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Knockout PPC for 2015

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How Does AdWords Work? An Overview Of Google’s PPC Advertising…

With Google AdWords, an online advertising platform, a business can get great visibility even if their listing is not found within the organic search results.

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Hanapin Marketing

Meet Hanapin, the Heroes behind PPC Hero

Did you know that PPC Hero is written by the digital advertising experts at Hanapin Marketing? We offer audits, retainers, and full-time account management for both in-house and agency teams. Contact us today to learn how we can work together!

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Gain Insight Into User Intent With These Two Analytics Reports

Google Analytics is a powerful tool when used in the right ways, and the Site Search and Behavior Flow reports are good examples of that.

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Hero Pro Scripts
6 Hidden Mistakes Killing Your PPC Campaigns – New Whitepaper!

People make mistakes, it happens. Until we can create perfect automation for everything revolving around PPC, there’s bound to be some hiccups along the way to PPC Nirvana.

However, fear …

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Knockout PPC for 2015

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How to Use Client Service Reports to Improve Retention

Series week continues today as Kayla explains how to use a less traditional “report” and take more of a client relations approach to the topic.

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