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Our Guide to Google Analytics IQ Testing: E-commerce Tracking

This is the second installment of a collaborative series between PPC Hero and SEO Boy to help readers prepare for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) Test. This series covers the most important aspects of the IQ Test and will prepare you to earn a high score.

While the Google Analytics test might seem daunting, I am here to say it isn’t nearly as difficult as one might think, as long as you do your homework. Yesterday, Steve covered the different types of Google Analytics cookies and how they are each used to track activity. Now that you understand how Google Analytics tracks information with a user, let’s go through how e-commerce data is passed into Google Analytics.

If your site sells any sort of products or services online, you should have e-commerce tracking in place. If not, it is time to start! E-commerce reports will allow you to track your site’s transactions, revenue, products purchased, e-commerce conversion rate, the number of times people visited your site before purchasing, etc. If you have your account synced with your Google AdWords account, you can also review revenue data by keyword to help with PPC optimizations. The e-commerce tab appears on almost every data page within Google Analytics, so you can break down revenue in just about any way imaginable.

Heroview – Analyzing Ad Strategy With Tom Demers

As Co-founder/Director of MeasuredSEM and the former Director of Marketing with Wordstream, Tom Demers (@TomDemers) is one of those PPC experts that many PPC marketers want to talk to. That’s why we chose him to participate in our first-ever live #Heroview – real-time discussions with industry experts via Twitter. There are many SEM experts we at Hanapin Marketing want to meet and learn more about, so we thought you, our readers, would want to hear their advice too! Our Heroviews will be available on Twitter (@PPCHero) and here on our blogs every month. Our interview with Tom Demers, below, is about PPC ad strategy, ad copy, and ad metrics. It’s amazing how much insight Tom was able to cram into 140 characters!

Our Guide To Google Analytics IQ Testing: C is for Cookie

This is the first installment of a collaborative series between PPC Hero and SEO Boy to help readers prepare for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) Test. This series covers the most important aspects of the IQ Test and will …

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Good news! Managing your geo-targeted campaigns in Google just got a lot easier!. Remember the days of concatenating geo-modifiers to long lists of keywords to nab searchers not physically located in your target market? Well, as of this week AdWords …

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What Visible Quality Score Isn’t Telling You

Today we have a guest post from one of our PPC Hero allies! Craig Danuloff is doing a ‘Blog Tour’ to promote his upcoming book ‘Quality Score in High Resolution’ which will be released in May and is now available for discounted pre-order. In this post he explains some of the lessor-known facts of the quality score metric reported by AdWords

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As you wander through your AdWords account, you may come across an interesting option you haven’t noticed before in the drop-down menu that allows you to add/remove tabs from the interface’s main navigational screen. What’s that last option? It’s the …

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Today’s News Update covers an article by Erez Barak of Search Engine Watch: Social Has Crossed the Marketing Budget Chasm; Will It Drown Search? So, why the cheese-ball 80’s cinema reference? Because according to Barak, there have been a few …

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