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Final Championship in Search Marketing Madness!

We have made it to the big game, ladies and gents! Congratulations to Brad Geddes and Search Engine Land for outlasting the entire competition and making it to the Final Championship Round! So, one last time…please vote in the survey …

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Clean Out Your PPC Clutter: New Toolkit!

Spring has finally arrived and after a very long winter, your PPC account could probably use some airing out. Maybe your AdWords account needs some sprucing up or maybe you have some campaigns that just aren’t working. Whatever the reason, …

No Problem

No CRO? No Problem: WordStream’s Landing Page Grader

There’s a universal truth in PPC– if you have a terrible landing page, you’re gonna have a bad time. Your ads could be stellar, your keywords laser-focused, and your bids perfectly calibrated against your competition… and none of it will …


There’s No Distance Too Far for the World’s Best PPC Conference!

With representation from 5 continents, 11 countries and 32 states, you can expect diverse PPC opinions, exciting conversations and real-world experience.


Getting the Most out of Google Shopping’s New Features

Soon enough all product listings will transition into Google Shopping, which will become the new standard. It isn’t all bad though. Google Shopping brings a welcome array of new features, empowering you to make better decisions while cutting down on the grunt work associated with advertising your products.

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Which Facebook Objective Is Best For Me?

Before you start any type of advertising, you should ask yourself, “What kind of results do I want for my ads?”  While generally this is decided at the business level and part of the optimizations process, Facebook takes matters into …


Final Four!! Search Marketing Madness Announces Regional Champions

Buzzzzzzzzz…..Its Final Four time! Regional Champs have been set, thanks to you, and the competition is just a mere two rounds from having a final winner (remember, the final winner gets a free registration to this year’s Hero Conf). Before …


Stop Guessing: Get CRO Tactics That Drive Results [New #ThinkPPC Webinar!]

So much attention in digital advertising happens before the click: bidding, testing, optimizing, and more. But one of the most valuable ways to get results is by optimizing what a user sees and does at the end of their click …

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4 Ways You Haven’t Thought to Use Google Analytics for CRO

So you’ve got great ads and a great click through rate, but you’re just not seeing the conversions you want. At this point, you might want to take a look at your site and come up with some conversion rate …