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Search Marketing Madness: Vote for the Elite 8!

We are getting down to the wire in Search Marketing Madness. This is the last round where opponents will be pitted against each other in their own divisions. It’s up to you to decide who will make it into the …

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How To Find eCommerce Success With Dynamic Search Ads

I’ve written about Dynamic Search Ads in the past. I told you about how you can set them up and gave some basic best practices for how to optimize them. When I wrote this article, I was only using them …

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Life Made Easier: Automate Your Workflow – New Toolkit!

Account Managers are always crazy busy continuously tweaking details. Automating some of your PPC workflow can help eliminate the time you spend on tedious tasks and increase your efficiency in your accounts. Make your life a little easier and start …


Our Quarter 1 Compass – Shot Down: Understanding PPC Disapprovals

As many in the PPC industry know, the Compass is Hanapin Marketing’s best practices journal we’ve released it quarterly and semi-privately for years. But this year, we’re changing it up. We’ve started hosting quarterly industry surveys via the Hanapin Forum …


Look Who’s Talking About Hero Conf 2014!

The buzz is building and Hero Conf 2014 is coming soon. Don’t miss your chance to learn alongside the biggest names and brightest minds in PPC. Seats won’t last long. Register Today!


How to Catch an Affiliate Red-Handed in PPC

It’s important to understand that in PPC, you’re often part of a bigger picture than you realize. Whether in-house or agency, there are many moving parts– external non-Google display buys, social networking, old media advertising, SEO, webinars… the list is …

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Fine Tune Your Remarketing Campaigns with Membership Duration Segments

Remarketing campaigns continue to be an effective tool to drive conversions at low CPAs. The more you dive into the rabbit hole of remarketing, the opportunities of segmentation seem endless. One area that is a good starting point for experimenting …

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Understanding Your Keyword Performance Better with Google’s Search Funnel Reports

I’ve always taken a bottom line approach to evaluating keyword performance. I want to know how much was spent on clicks, how many conversions those clicks generated, and if my keywords are profitable and performing to client or in-house goals. …