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4 Google Analytics Reports Every PPC Manager Should Use

It’s important to utilize Google Analytics when running an AdWords campaign. Google Analytics allows you to understand how the traffic your paid search campaign generates behaves when it reaches your website. This is crucial in improving and understanding conversion rates. …

Bid simulator columns in AdWords

See the Future of Your Bids With AdWords’ New Bid Simulator Columns

Earlier last week AdWords announced on Google+ that they had launched a shiny set of new columns for our keyword report tabs. These columns are designed to give us quick access to the bid simulator data that was previously only …

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Non-Converting Cost %: Illuminating Trends in Your Account

Today I’m going to show you how to calculate the Non-Converting Cost % (NCC). NCC is an intuitive way to understand the relation between your spend and conversions. Using this metric as a benchmark reveals new insights on the relation between spend and your goals.


Hero Conf 2014: 15 Things You Don’t Want to Miss!

Hero Conf is two and a half days of world-class content and non-stop networking. But what about those extras that put it over the top? Here are 15 things you won’t want to miss!

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How to Use An Agency to Help Your In-House Team, Not Replace Them

So you’ve got a team of multiple people (for our purposes, team = more than one person) managing your paid search campaigns, but you’re getting the feeling there is something missing. Not that your team isn’t doing what they can …

Hero Conf 2014

Dear Diary, Hero Conf 2014 Is Gonna Change My Life

Once upon a time— April 2013 specifically— in Austin, Texas many little PPC Heroes gathered to build their knowledge of all things PPC. What resulted was a mindblowing series of presentations, panels, workshops and social events that kept the folks …

The New Bing Logo on PPC Hero

Increase Search Term Insight With Bing’s “Zero Clicks” Update

Lately, Bing has been implementing changes to enhance the insights and ease of account management. A couple weeks ago, we let you know about updates to Bing report statistics and metrics. Yesterday, we shared new Bing campaign features that allow you …

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Small Changes That Make Bing Faster

Sometimes, it is as easy as asking.  Bing Ads listened to feedback from its users and added some additional features to their campaign tab, which should be live across the Bing Ads interface. While these changes will not change the …


Vote for Round Two! Search Marketing Madness Continues

The first round of voting closed on Friday and we’re moving onto round two for this year’s search marketing madness!  Congratulations to all of the contenders that were able to make it to the next round of the tournament.  There …