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[New Whitepaper!] Beginner Excel: 10 Must-Haves For PPC Newbies
- In this whitepaper, you’ll get 10 tips that will have you zipping through data, pulling insights and optimizations like a pro.
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When Are Flexible Bidding Strategies Right For You?

Google offers 6 flexible bidding strategies. Depending on your goals, you may or may not want to use one of these bidding strategies.

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12 Ways Google AdWords Drives PPC Managers Crazy

Using AdWords every day can make you notice the small things that are wrong with the system. Read on for 12 ways AdWords drives PPC managers crazy.< .p>

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Free Download: 119 Facebook Custom Audiences From Hanapin

To help you get the most out of your Custom Audiences, Hanapin assembled a comprehensive list of over 100 of our favorite Facebook Custom Audiences.

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Final Solution For Exact Match In Shopping Ads

I would like to utilize exact match keywords for Google Shopping ads. Here is my strategy for making that happen.

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Google AdWords Introduces Structured Snippet Extensions

Structured snippet extensions, which will be advertiser-provided structured information that shows with text ads, gives you the control over what is shown.

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There Is No Perfect Keyword

Keyword selection is crucial to PPC success, but an over commitment to keywords neglects all the other components that go into a successful account.

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Next Day Delivery: 17 Minutes Left!

Ever since AdWords gave us ad customizers we have been able to write text ads with dynamic elements without using scripts. Check out my case study.

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Solidify Your Ecommerce Remarketing Strategy With Google Analytics

Learn about an ecommerce remarketing tactic that is used to remarket items of interest to users who either viewed or purchased a certain product.

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Meet Hanapin, the Heroes behind PPC Hero

Did you know that PPC Hero is written by the digital advertising experts at Hanapin Marketing? We offer audits, retainers, and full-time account management for both in-house and agency teams. Contact us today to learn how we can work together!

8 Good Reasons To Bid On Your Pure Brand Keywords

There are palatable reasons you may want to bid on your pure brand PPC keywords. I'll explain why in this post.

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The One Metric We All Should Be Using in Our…

Using impression share when changing bids is extremely important and average position does not take impression share into account. Use the impression metric.

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Service Provider Problems? 4 Areas To Consider Before Firing Them

When working with tools, there are times that these costars become more of a thorn in my side than the benevolent assistants I need. When does it become time to make a change?

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