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The Real Impact of AdWords Close Variant Changes

A look at data from existing accounts on how close variants affect performance. Check out the findings for eCommerce and lead gen performance on PPC Hero.

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Expect Accountability From Your PPC Agency

As a client, you should expect accountability and professionalism from your paid search agency. Your agency should take the time to learn your business and genuinely care about the success of your campaign.

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Why It’s Crucial To Audit PPC Accounts Ahead of Management

PPC account audits allow the agency to get a solid introduction to the campaigns they may end up managing, while the client can learn more about the agency.

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Starting in September Google will Require Close Variant Matching

Google announced on Thursday that beginning in late September, the option to utilize close variant matching will no longer be available, and all campaigns will be opted in.

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Analytics Shares PPC Hero
Why We Ignore Net Gains In PPC

Many reports ignore net gains by presenting data in some variation of the format:



This table does a decent job of showing performance (of course there would be …

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Bing Ads Announces Release of Top Movers Feature

Bing reports that their new tool will illuminate variations in clicks and spend, pick out campaigns and ad groups that are the source of these variations, and potentially reveal the causes of these changes.

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Ace the Google AdWords Advanced Display Exam

Whether you’re a first timer or returning now that your 12 month window of freedom has expired, I’ve provided a walk-thru to pass the Advanced Display exam.

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3 Scripts For More Effective Google Shopping Reporting

The reporting functionality in scripts allows you to access the API data tables, making reporting faster and more efficient.

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How to Build a Healthy Agency Relationship – Whitepaper!

You have many choices when it comes to managing your company’s paid search campaigns. One is whether to handle the responsibility of an in-house team or work with an agency …

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Hanapin Marketing

Meet Hanapin, the Heroes behind PPC Hero

Did you know that PPC Hero is written by the digital advertising experts at Hanapin Marketing? We offer audits, retainers, and full-time account management for both in-house and agency teams. Contact us today to learn how we can work together!

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Quality vs. Quantity of PPC Conversions: A Case Study

I am going to share a case study which proves that focusing on lead quality is the first and best way to improve business performance.

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Morning Clicks: Bing Opportunites Tool Upgraded, AdWords Puts Focus on…
- The new and improved look for Bing Ads came with updates to the opportunities tab, ad scheduling is now available on Facebook.
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PPC Schedule
Ad Scheduling Available on Facebook
- Last week it was announced that ad scheduling would be available in the Facebook interface. It works the same way ad scheduling works in Google AdWords.
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