PPC Hero’s Most Popular Blog Posts

Although all of our posts have valuable information, below are our most popular, helpful, and original pay per click posts with the most traffic. From PPC excel tips, to URL tracking, these are the posts are readers have deemed to be the most valuable. The list continues to be updated for the past 90 days and year in order to help our readers achieve superior results in their PPC campaigns!


Top 10 Blogs: Past 30 Days

  1. 10 Alternatives to Google AdWords
  2. 4 Google Analytics Reports Every PPC Manager Should Use
  3. 4 Ways You Haven’t Thought to Use Google Analytics for CRO
  4. Everything You Need To Pass The Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam
  5. Google Analytics Loses Paid Search Queries: Time to Panic?
  6. Turn A Lazy AdWords Report Into A Money Making Tool
  7. See the Future of Your Bids With AdWords’ New Bid Simulator Columns
  8. Why You’re Looking at CTR All Wrong
  9. Excel Tips for Working With Modified Broad Keywords
  10. New Account Checklist: 5 Things You Should Never Assume

Top 10 Blogs: Past Year

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords Quality Score
  2. Guide to URL Tracking In Google Analytics
  3. Everything You Need To Pass The Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam
  4. Ultimate Guide to AdWords Remarketing
  5. 10 Alternatives to Google AdWords
  6. PPC Hero Guides
  7. What Is Considered A ‘Good’ CTR?
  8. The Total Guide To Product Listing Ads: Part 1, Setting Up Your Data Feed
  9. The Total Guide to Product Listing Ads: Part 2, How to Set Up Your PLA Campaign
  10. PPC Hero Blog Series

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